Oct. 19th, 2003 03:23 pm
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AVOIDED, thank goodness.

I've been analyzing one of Shakespeare's sonnets...and thinking about how much I would like to have children (I have been studying meiosis, LOL!)...and wondering if I'll be able to make it all the way through school without becoming "attached" to anyone.

Well, I'm still not sure about any of those things, but I do know one thing: someone named Brandon gave me lotsa laughs this morning.=D

I went to Sunday school as usual today (as one might expect), and the guy who has been teaching (the teacher's son) on Paul's prayers was out of town, so Mr. O played the Focus on the Family program with Darlene Deibler Rose's testimony on it. One of the girls from church had brought two of her female cousins, and at the last minute, a guy walked in...escorted by a lady greeter (no great significance in her identity except that I would imagine that she is the one who told him of next week's fellowship dinner).

Now, I know that I'm not too kind to guys as regards the matter of looks, and I'm not any kinder to this guy than to anyone else, but his looks weren't positively grotesque, either. What I did notice was that he didn't seem very interested in Darlene Rose's testimony. He would sigh every now and then and kind of squirm in his chair. He seemed very eager for Sunday school to be over, which I didn't really understand. Why would he be there if he didn't want to be there? I got the impression that he would be up and out of his chair and out the door the second we were dismissed. I also noticed that his glances around the room were mostly directed at the girls. I intensely avoided looking in his direction because I did not want to make eye contact.

Well, the second class was over, he was up...and out the door...but talking to the girl who had sat next to him (the girl who had brought her two cousins). I heard him asking her about her age and where she was in college, "Are you a freshman, sophmore, or junior?" "No," she said. "Then you've already graduated?" "I haven't even started." "Oh, and you're 21?!" Somewhere in there and as they walked on, she informed him that she would be starting in the spring. Moments later, she introduced me to him, and he stood for a second as if he didn't know what to say, yet had more to say.

I got a better look at his face (I was awfully close...the hallway was crowded, and I practically had to be in his face in order for either of us to be able to hear the other--and we had to talk rather loudly). Oh, his face...not a lot of facial hair, but just a little bit growing in a few selected areas. He projects his voice very well...along with his intentions, LOL!

After gathering his thoughts, he asked, "Are you going to be at the Fellowship Dinner next week?" Whhhhhhhhhaaaaaattttttt???????? LOL! I had already gotten an impression of him in Sunday school, and I had to laugh at his directness in indicating his real reason for being at church. Well, I say I had to laugh...but I didn't do it then.

Over the course of the rather brief (fortunately!) conversation, he said that his reason for bringing up the Fellowship Dinner was that he was looking for a girlfriend. LOL! I really did NOT expect that degree of directness, which he followed by saying that he had heard that I am single. To that I responded, "I intend to stay that way a LONG time." "Oh, then we should just be friends for a while." Of course, in my opinion, that is assuming a lot...I'm not necessarily available as a friend, either, but I suppose he hadn't considered that. I asked him if he had many good guy friends, to which he replied by saying that his friends are mostly female, but that he had never had a GIRLfriend. He said that he's kind of overeager for that. I told him I was sure he was right about that. He said, "You probably haven't reached that stage yet." No, indeed! And he sure isn't helping me reach that stage! LOL! I really don't recall what else was said, but the girl who had introduced them had returned at that point, and I suggested that she take him to her brother who could introduce Brandon to some of the guys. Well, that got rid of him...for a while. It was long enough for me to erupt with my laughter and turn to talk to my mom who had been right there with my little sister, not close enough to hear everything I said, but close enough to get the idea of what was going on. I could not contain my amusement!

I finally got close to the sanctuary, but the guy managed to "snag" me before I entered, apparently having NOT taken my advice about looking for introductions to some of the GUYS. I hoped my walking quickly would indicate my lack of interest to him (especially since I had already been what I thought was pretty straightforward), but he followed me right to our family's pew and sat down right next to me. "Do you mind me sitting next to you?" "No," I answered, "as long as you don't mind sitting next to one of my brothers." I had my almost 12 y.o. brother swtich places with me (far be it from me to sit next to a GUY!), which he did quite graciously. It was quite awkward, because I didn't want to be rude, but I didn't want to indicate ANY kind of interest in the guy, because I was afraid he would take it to mean far more than I intended. So I got my dad's attention by tapping him on the shoulder, then I leaned over and whispered to him that it was a guy who had come to church to look for a girlfriend. My dad asked me to repeat myself, probably because what I said sounded so impossible. "How do you know?" "He told me." By the time I had finished talking to my dad, though, the guy had moved to sit with the girl I mentioned above...who had brought her cousins to church. My brother who had been next to him had observed an interesting expression on his face when he saw me talking to my dad. LOL! My mom said that he looked over at our pew later, and looked a little amazed--perhaps at the number of people? LOL! And, actually, my youngest brother was in the nursery...and my oldest brother ended up sitting right behind the guy. Very interesting.

I don't know for sure if he'll be back, but I felt rather rude. I asked my mom if she thought I had been, but both of my parents feel that I did handle the situation appropriately. My dad actually thinks that the guy has some mental problems. I would suggest that his problems are mostly emotional, but what's going on I most assuredly do not know. I do not even know if the guy's a Christian--he just might have thought that the church would be a good place to look for a girlfriend. Despite some of the girls at church being desperate, I don't think he'll find one there.=)
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In the morning, no less. And I'm not ready. So I need to study. And I have practically no time (even less than I'm taking) to be on LJ.

Oh, my anti-flirting paper...

Cut because I don't really care for everyone to read it )
Boy, my paragraphs were longer than I realized! I just thought that it was the double spacing that my English teacher likes. Hmm.
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An excerpt from "Romantic Idealism: Part II" (something you may have read if you have been to my not very elaborate web site)...Read more... )

This is just something I'm looking over as I brainstorm ideas for that rough draft that is due Wednesday. I'm really trying to imagine how that would go over with my peers and with my teacher! LOL! It could be interesting. I wonder if it would be appropriate to use Scripture...probably not. But I could talk about Scriptural principles and refer to them (very much paraphrased) as my own opinions, since they have become that. I really wonder what kind of grade she would give me. I'm thinking that she may be a Christian. And I'm even more certain that the guy I mentioned before (either here or at Mindsay) is a Christian. LOL! My reason for thinking that is almost comical...don't know why.

Oh, I took my history test, and I was not as confident as I would have liked to have been on a few of the questions. But there was a bonus question, and I have a film review to do for extra credit, so hopefully I'm in good shape.=\


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