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Apr. 28th, 2004 10:29 pm
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Well, with "classes." Now for finals. I just found out that I don't have to take a final in Western Civ., though, so I am a little relieved over that...although I wonder if I should do the exam anyway. It's optional and it won't improve my grade, so I'm not sure what the point would be except to be more forthright with my teacher than I have been thus far.=\ The problem is that I have other exams to study for, so I'm really tempted just to let that one go.

So I'm relieved about one final. I have one in Communication on Friday, one in English on Monday, and finals in Music and Chemistry on Wednesday. I should be writing a performance review that I have to turn in for English Monday--I guess I could try to turn it in Friday. And then I'll have an in-class essay in English for Monday's final. The teacher got us the computer lab, but I doubt I'll be able to use it because I don't have an account. I'll see what happens. Maybe someone will be kind enough to sign on for me. We shall see, I guess.

I doubt I have to worry about my final in Music, so I'm mainly concerned about Chemistry...I REALLY need to study for that. I guess I should go and do that instead of typing here. Or I could go to bed, which I should do before the cough syrup wears off. I'm tired. I did some journaling while I was at school today, but it would take a while to type up, so I'll wait on it for now.=) Goodnight! We'll see if I really go to bed now...
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But I just realized that I probably was supposed to have turned in some outlines with my take-home exam this afternoon. So I wearily wrote down the information, typed it, and sent it off to my teacher...I'm hoping that the outlines are not absolutely required because he takes 5% off each DAY that an exam is late. I did already turn in the exam, though...all the stuff that I wrote down that he asked for. =\ I hate it when I forget things...but it seems awfully strange that I didn't write down what was required. I was very specific about everything else on the test, but I didn't write that down. I don't know what to think.

And now I'm up, but very tired. My body is rebelling against this whole idea of doing something with my life instead of sleeping it away. Eating so much sugar is probably my problem.=\ More frowns than you can imagine...hmm...

I went to a concert tonight...but it was less than an hour, so I don't get to use it for Music Appreciation credit. However, it was at a local Middle School...so it was a very good experience for me. I think I tend to overlook the practical aspects of teaching 7-12th grade. So I figure that I should spend more time in that environment. I need to check into that, especially since my speech Friday is going to be about the need for people to get involved personally...in educating our nation's children. Don't want to be a hypocrite! Of course, I am studying to be a teacher...

I am going to work tomorrow...unless, of course, something disatrous happens. Secretary's Day is Wednesday, so my boss expects to have quite a few orders. We'll see what happens with all of that. I love going to work.=D

I'm a control freak...my obsession is not food, either. I am obsessed with obtaining perfect grades (not that I'll ever achieve that goal) and ALWAYS being on time...although I can't achieve that, either. I'm frustrated to realize that I need to have balance in this area...I can't be as obsessive as I am, but I can't give it all up. And that's tough.=\

The other thing that I've been thinking about (well, one of them) is randomness. I was reading about Chance Music in my Music Appreciation textbook, and I just had to start thinking about how much people prize "randomness." Instead of embracing order...which is what really started me thinking. For one thing, scientific experiments seem to indicate that the universe is governed by orderly laws; secondly, science seems to show that order in music is a positive thing, at least for mice and plants...and that exceedingly disorderly music is BAD for them. But our society embraces disorder, randomness, chaos...just another symptom of rebellion? Somehow, the idea seems really related to our individualistic mindset...but maybe I was just thinking about that in another context. We think we are progressive because we allow so much for the development of the "individual" here in the United States. Yet I think that the fall of great empires might have something to do with the overemphasis of individualism. Without a kind of sensitivity to what is happening nationally and a reaction based on loyalty to one's nation, the foundation of the country could easily crumble. But where do you draw the line between caring about the state and caring about the individual...in an individualistic sense? Seems like such a delicate balance...like everything else.

Okay...I should think about getting to bed. Goodnight, you all!

I'm looking forward to hearing about the birth of a certain baby soon...=D
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We must have a very slow connection right now...I don't even need to be writing in this journal, especially as it will be taking time that I need to devote to other things. It doesn't sound so very overwhelming, but it SEEMS overwhelming...and that's all that really seems to matter right now. I went to bed after three this morning and got up at six. I'm very grateful for Blue Bunny's limited edition chocolate ice cream with brownies and chocolate candy in it. If you haven't tried it, it's wonderful...and it helped me stay awake for several hours of homework last night. I am thinking that I had better sleep tonight, though, because extreme sleep deprivation can be dangerous. I don't think I've reached that point, though.

Two encouraging things happened today...and you can guess that they related to tests. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to talk about it now. But it's not so important to tell what it was as that it was. My hard work is not in vain; I'm not as much of a dunce as I thought. I have one more beginning-of-the-semester test, which is in one week. If I can get an A on that test, well...then I won't feel like a failure. Somehow, I think that school is becoming too important to me.

Hey, I have a question for you music people out there.

I'm supposed to do a presentation on Franz Liszt in my Music Appreciation class on Monday morning and the teacher wants us to be "original" in our presentations. Her examples were of a guy dressing up in an Elvis costume, a military man dressing in his uniform and delivering his speech as a briefing, and of a guy using objects to illustrate various aspects of a composer's life. I'm lost in trying to figure out how to present Liszt. I'm not about to dress up like a guy or to pretend to play like him. I LIKE playing the piano, but I'm...well...if good piano players were like children compared to Liszt, I'm out of the running altogether in a comparison...because I don't even approach mediocre--which is okay for what I do. But anyway...I need some ideas on what to do for originality. I'm reading four books about him (actually, I've read one, started two, and haven't even opened the cover of the fourth); I must have six references total, no more than two of which can be internet sources. Since I already have four out of six, I guess that I'll get the rest on-line even though I think that the sources I have really are comprehensive enough. Anyway...ideas???


Feb. 21st, 2004 09:13 pm
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I wonder how to get myself out of my procrastination mode here. I have an English paper [rough draft] due Monday that I should try to complete this evening because I will not have time to work on it tomorrow. =\ Why are Sundays nearly always so busy? But maybe that's true of almost every day. I managed, amazingly enough, to avoid going anywhere today. I never dressed to go anywhere, though, and that is probably why.

I actually need to write about six other relatively short papers, but they aren't quite as important as the English paper. If anything, I need to finish putting the when, what, and why on the 33 ID's my Western Civ. teacher has given us. I borrowed three books from the library related to my Western Civ. class. I figured that knowing more would help me understand things better. The only problem is my tendency to fall asleep while I'm reading. I also have two books on Franz Liszt. I completed one, but I still need to read the other...and find at least two more non-internet sources. The on-line sources will be easy to find (I've already visited a couple of Liszt sites), so I'll save those for last.

Thursday, I went to the library and borrowed "Pamela's Prayer," "Gulliver's Travels," "Sense and Sensibility," and a documentary about an autopsy on an Egyptian mummy. I have watched all of those already even though we attended a concert Thursday night and I went to school on Friday afternoon. I think I will do "Sense and Sensibility" for my novel and film analysis in English...that will definitely be less complex than "Gulliver's Travels" (I think), since S&S probably won't require an in-depth study of political science of that time! I liked "Pamela's Prayer." This was the first time I had seen it, and I didn't really know what to expect. And of course my response was to hope that if I marry someday, I'll be able to marry someone like Pamela's dad.;-) Seriously...but it was a little strange to hear them saying my name so much. As for the movie itself, it was, as my brother said, "obviously scripted." The actors were a little mechanical in saying their lines. But it was still sweet.

I've been reading Western Civ. history this afternoon, and I took a little break to read about "Oedipus," which we'll actually be covering in English as well as in Western Civ. That works well for me, since I think it will mean that I'll have a better understanding of both. I started reading "Antigone," but I was too tired to get very far. Now it's time for me to get back to work, I guess. Procrastination really isn't that profitable.
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The Seven Intelligence Areas

Linguistic: 6

Logical-Mathematical: 7

Spatial: 0

Bodily-Kinesthetic: 3

Musical: 10

Interpersonal: 4

Intrapersonal: 6

A Short Definition of your Highest Score

Musical - the ability to understand and develop musical technique, to respond emotionally to music and to work together to use music to meet the needs of others, to interpret musical forms and ideas, and to create imaginative and expressive performances and compositions. Possible vocations that use the musical intelligence include technician, music teacher, instrument maker, choral, band, and orchestral performer or conductor, music critic, aficionado, music collector, composer, conductor, and individual or small group performer.


I didn't think I clicked very much about music. Hmm.

I didn't do so well on my chemistry test today. It would be hopeful to say that I might have gotten an A...I know I definitely didn't get 100%. But that's because I didn't understand the material that my teacher feels we should know.=\ Science is just not easy for me to understand. Of course, I do know that studying would help...I need to do that more. And I need to check the texts that we have, although I don't think the high school books we have are really going to help. I need a LOT of help with figuring out how to tell what products will come from reactants. I can balance an entire equation that is given to me, but I have no clue how to figure out what compounds come out of reactions, even if I know the reaction type. I'm still learning what the symbols stand for, and I do not know at all what anything but the most well-known elements (water, peroxide, and oxygen are the main ones I know) looks like in a chemical formula. So I was quite lost on the last part of the test. The book didn't explain how to do these kinds of problems, either, so my studying was ineffective.=\ At least I do have the comfort of knowing that I'm not the only one in the class who didn't know, though.

But instead of sitting here I should be practicing the piano to play for the junior choir at church tonight. Tomorrow, I'm going to hear Aldo Mancinelli, a Steinway artist, at a church about forty minutes from here. I am really looking forward to hearing someone who my teacher seems to think is a master at the piano. After the concert I attended Sunday, I am quite convinced that the piano is my very favorite instrument...much more favorite when someone good (in other words, someone better than me) is playing it.
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But that hasn't increased my time on LJ by very much. I did not end up working Wednesday evening or yesterday during the day. Wednesday night, I finished watching an old version of "Jane Eyre" and I slept all day on Thursday...after rising at about seven. Haha. I went back to bed between ten and eleven and did not get up until five. I was able to make myself stay up until a little after two this morning, but it was hard...my body seems to fade right about midnight. Anyway...I have no class until 12:15, so I'm moving at a rather leisurely pace.

I do have plans for the rest of the month, though. Concerts galore to try to get my credits...the only one I'm lacking so far (for this month and to complete all my requirements) is a vocal recital. I wish I could find a good vocalist. I'll have to start checking on that.

Choral concert...my grandmother's in the group
Faculty recital at school
Piano recital of a Steinway artist
Symphony at the university
Trumpet recital by a trumpet instructor at the university

We'll see what March holds as far as concerts...I can extra credit for extra concerts, so that should be fun. I'm guessing that I don't need to stress out over that class since it's so simple to get extra credit.

My Western Civilization (I) class is just a little more challenging because the instructor actually intends for us to know the stuff that he teaches and what's in the book. I need 90% of 320 points to get an A in that class and I'm starting out with 7 bonus points. Twenty points are for attendance (which I will get because I do go to every class...I believe that his policy is to award those points to the people who miss three or fewer classes...giving NONE of those points to students who miss more than that).

The tests consist of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. First, he has 16 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each. These will be based on all of the readings that we have done, so I guess I should pay more attention to the details than I normally do. The second part of the test is IDs, which he has given us along with the readings--other teachers call them terms. At any rate, he will put a list of 8 (out of at least 24 that he has given us) on the test for us to pick 3 to give the when (1 pt. each), what (3 pts. each), and why (3 pts. each). We must be precise and thorough on each of those areas if we desire to get the full points. Between the 16th multiple choice question and the extra point for the IDs (21 instead of 20), he says we have 3 bonus points built into the test. We'll see!

The other 50 points on the test are for the essay question. We have been given four to study and compose rough drafts for...four 2-4 page essays (I'm not sure how we're going to confine ourselves to 4 pages, but I guess we won't have long enough to make it much longer). He wants us to be thorough and to write the essays well and to think for ourselves. So, anyway, he will have 2 of the 4 questions on each of our exams and we will answer only 1. He grades on all of the above-mentioned aspects of the essays.

I'm meeting with a study group Monday to discuss initial drafts even though the exam itself is not until March 3rd!

So that's my life right now...I do need to get ready for school so that I can leave early or study more here at home.


Feb. 9th, 2004 10:48 am
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It finally came, although not enough to be a big deal. I called the school this morning at about 5:30 and they said they would update by 6 on the status of the classes. I called at about 6:10 and they said everything was normal, so I left early to be sure that I would make it on time to my 7:45 class. When I got here (to school), I found out that classes were cancelled until 10:30 this morning. After I had stayed up until close to 2:30 working on a paper due in my 9:15-10:30 English class...

Oh, well...I've studied music, English, and chemistry in that extra time...with sugar to keep me from feeling completely brain dead after my late night. I think I could use more sleep, though...
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Went to see it at the University tonight in order to get one of my concert credits for Music Appreciation. The musicians were good, but the props were horrible and the costumes weren't really costumes. However, I was prepared for that...because I knew that it was a low-budget operation. I'm glad they skimped on the visual stuff instead of on the music! I'm not sure what to say about it on my little report, though. I was distracted from the music by the acting, which was hilarious...and the narration was even more amusing.

I still need to finish a paper for my English class on Monday. I should try to finish it tonight so that I don't have to stay up all night tomorrow night...when I really should be studying for chemistry (because I haven't been studying that at all and it's the hardest for me to comprehend). Tomorrow is going to busy since I'll probably be gone from home almost the entire time between nine in the morning and nine in the evening...I may have some time for homework at church during AWANA, but I would want to use that to improve on my final draft of my English paper. We'll see what really happens. I need to give myself enough time to do all of this stuff. I didn't go to work this morning...but that wasn't really a big help because I slept instead...and I don't think that it was really that helpful since I feel just as tired as usual even though I slept for about twelve hours last night! I'm feeling more and more worn out...I'm very glad that Valentine's Day will soon be here and we'll be over that rush at work. I've never been into Valentine's Day, but I feel like I've done so much preparing for it by making hundreds of baskets that I ought to celebrate at least by wearing some red. Haha. We'll see...

Well, my brother's plans to join the Marine Corps are still looking good. Well, actually, he already joined. He's going to go to his basic and specific training this summer and early fall, I think. By the end of the year, I think he will be stationed at Camp David in Virginia as a part of Presidential Security (his girlfriend said that only six people are accepted into that group each year). I suppose it will be strange to have him physically living somewhere else, but our communication has faded so much of late that I'm sometimes not sure that it will seem so very different.

I've been thinking about dating again...not thinking about doing it, but thinking about the practical ramifications of not doing it!=) I take a brother or two with me wherever I go. LOL! Can't go alone and can't go with a guy who's not related...I don't really want just female company (although there's safety in numbers, I feel safer with males than just females)...so I guess it's a good thing that I have six brothers, even if most of them are too young to go with me right now. I guess it's a good excuse or opportunity to spend time with them, though. Oh, the reason I'm thinking of this more is that I'm required to do things that I wouldn't normally do...like go to concerts, which we've only ever done as a family when the event is not very costly. I don't go see movies because it costs too much to take everyone. But since I have to go to concerts for Music Appreciation, I go.=) And to other things when it's not convenient to take everyone. Actually, it's not even usually appropriate. The world's not a very pure environment.=\
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Seems to be a recurring theme of most of my teachers. I won't say all because I don't think my chemistry teacher is quite as strong on it as my other instructors are...but then my chemistry teacher is significantly older than my other instructors (who are twenties to forties or fifties, while he is probably in his late seventies). My English class is focused on literature that emphasizes the importance of self-expression...my communication class basically emphasizes self-expression. My music class is more about analyzing the expressions of others. And my history class is about how women and poor people were prevented from being all they could have been. Of course, that is kind of the theme of the readings for English, too.

Now, I am all for expressing my opinion...exercising my "Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech" (as my communication book says)...BUT...why this focus? Why is it "me"? Why is everything so self-centered? I almost get the impression that self-expression/making one's voice heard is of greater inherent value than having/forming a correct (but unspoken) opinion about something. People are more preoccupied with thinking freely than thinking truly...and, in ignoring the truly, they miss the freely. Still, all this has started me thinking...

What is the best road to "self-actualization"? In Sunday school this past Sunday, we talked about a specific person (an actress of whom I hadn't ever heard) who is obviously not happy and obviously rudderless. Apparently, she has done quite a bit towards "expressing herself," to getting down to who she really is...or at least making an effort to do so...but it keeps changing. That made me start thinking about my how my history teacher refers to religion as one method that people have used to control others...obviously factual, but interesting to consider in application to Christianity. There are other faiths for which people are willing to live and die, but Christianity is not just a hopeful kind of hope, but a "blessed assurance" kind of hope of which we can be certain...it provides a peace that passes all understanding RIGHT NOW. Or maybe I should say that the Prince of Peace gives us peace that passes all understanding. But in a logical, philosophical sense, if you were to assume that all things were physical, natural...nothing spiritual (although this entire concession would be somewhat of a contradiction), it would seem that people still have some kind of response to the religious...something that gives them motivation to live, and to live in a way that gives them satisfaction...at least to some extent (I do not know how it is for the unsaved). So even if people choose not to recognize that there really is a basis for Christianity, they cannot deny that it does give people some guidance...something that allows for true "self-actualization" (in the paradox of losing one's life to save it, which I'm sure would sound illogical to most people...if not all people, from a finite perspective). Something's there...something's to it. I'm almost scared to read biographies of the "best" poets...those horribly depressed people, many of whom have committed suicide. Is their poetry "self-actualization"?

I'm not expressing my thoughts very well here, but I guess what I'm wanting to say is that the self-centered approach doesn't work...that there's a way that does work...that people will try to ignore the way that does work...that it's all very sad. People shouldn't have to spend their whole lives analyzing themselves...knowledge of the truth would be all they would need (God's Word provides the best basis for finding out our true selves!).

Okay, I'd better stop...this is what I do when I'm tired. I have been thinking about this stuff as I've wrapped coke baskets in cellophane...as I've driven back and forth between activities...as I've done anything that doesn't require much use of my mind. Obviously, something's wrong...and I know Someone who has the answer...but people don't want to hear it. Instead of wanting to hear hope, they want to know how to describe and analyze hopelessness. Instead of wanting to be clean, they want to explore the mud in the pig sty. It reminds me of a man in Pilgrim's Progress who spent his whole life looking in the straw for treasure while someone held a crown that he would have seen if he had only looked up. I am praying that the Lord will show me how to demonstrate His love so that people WILL look up!
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I tried typing up an entry...was it Friday night? Can't remember, but I just haven't had time to do anything...and I've been so tired. I have to outline a piece of music and do some reading for tomorrow. I have other homework that I should do but probably won't have time to do even though I should turn one paper in by Wednesday and the other paper MUST be turned in on that day. Between work, school activities, church stuff, and the miscellaneous stuff with friends that ends up coming up, I feel rather busy. I think I'm going to end up missing a lot of baby and bridal showers for church people because they always schedule things like that at inconvenient times...or maybe it's because all times are inconvenient now. I don't wish to get rid of my busyness because I would be bored, but I guess I do wish to be more organized and time efficient. We shall see if I can increase my skills in those areas during this semester. My goal is to do as little studying as possible for the same grades as I got last semester. And that's not because I don't like studying...I just know that I spent too much time doing it last semester.
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Can you suggest a good web site for me to find out the instrument groups and individual instruments in standard music groups (concert band, string quartet, etc.)? I am supposed to attend eight concerts for Music Appreciation, at least one for Western Civ., a play for English Composition II, and who knows what else. At least two of my teachers are absolutely bent on my gaining something from the class...which is a good situation...actually, make that three. Let me think about that...and just make it all four of the ones I saw today. They are all going to have extra work on their hands to ensure that we are progressing. I think this semester will be more time consuming than my last semester, but I think I will also learn a whole lot more...and probably feel like I deserve whatever grades I get.

I saw lots of people that I met last semester, but not too many friends, and only one person from church (I didn't even see my brother and his girlfriend).

Well, I have procrastinated too long about homework, so I should go...I need to be energetic when I rise tomorrow and go to work to continue the inventory process, which I hope is mostly done!


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