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I never got a call from the last work-study interview, but my boss from the basket place called me today. Her main employee got a teaching job, so I'm for part-time again, starting Wednesday morning. Is that cool or what? I'm really excited. I have no idea how long it will be, but it's so good to see God leading and providing. I think of that saying that He's always on time--never late, but never early, either.

So now I can get ready for Hawaii and not think about how hard it is to get a job when I'm going to be gone at the beginning of the semester. =D
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The fleas are really annoying! Rabbits are in the bedroom next to mine, and even though the hallway is uncarpeted, I've got fleas bothering me constantly. I've slapped myself about ten times this evening in the vain attempt to get fleas on me like you'd slap mosquitoes. Well, I've actually killed one this evening, I think...and I killed one last night. I doubt I'm making much of a difference considering how many there probably are burrowed into the carpet. And to think...I sleep on that carpet. Just thinking about it makes me itch.

I'm really supposed to be working on finite math homework that's due tomorrow morning. I'm losing momentum now that tomorrow is one week from the last day of school. I do really want to be done. I'm starting to get to know people in my classes a tiny bit...but I'm still ready for it to be over. I'm tired of the most boring math in the world, certainly...and I'm also tired of not having quite enough time to do the reading that I want to do (whatever that is). Two weeks after school is over, my mom and I will be leaving for the trip that I've been awaiting all year. Looking forward to that is helping through this last stretch of the school experience.

I'm still behind on e-mail correspondence, but I guess that's life...I need to get a move on with some of the people I'm going to see in HI, though.

I'm still jobless, apparently for the next several weeks. I really don't know what the Lord has in mind, but He convicted me this evening about my lack of faith as He reminded me of all the ways He has already provided so well for me. I think it's hard to go to HI knowing that I don't have money to spend like I thought I would. I don't mean that I was going to buy tons of stuff for myself or anything in the way of keepsakes, but I just wanted to have the ability to PAY for a rental car and to help with grocery bills, etc. I have a hard time understanding why that's not (it seems) going to be possible. I'm going with very little money, so whatever's provided will come from other sources. I guess maybe the Lord wants me to learn to be's humbling to depend on others. I guess I've been wanting Him to provide for me in a way that would allow ME to be the one doing the that instead of really trusting Him, I'd be trusting myself. Hmm. Maybe that is the problem. I don't know. But I trust that He will show me in His time...

And now, since we're supposed to do our work as unto the Lord and do it with all our might (Colossians and Ecclesiastes, I think), I should probably get to work on those math problems (histograms are a pain, I think).
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Please pray that God would give me wisdom and discernment in job hunting. I am currently laid off, as I figured was no surprises. I prayed previously for God's direction on what to do, and felt that He was directing me to stay as long as I could, which I did. More recently, because I haven't been able to get many hours, I have prayed more about what to do, and I began applying for jobs at the school. I posted my "resume'" on the school web site Tuesday night and have not had any response to the one application that I submitted. I submitted more applications today. I'm not really sure how much to pursue this at this point because I'm in class four hours a day right now and at times that don't work well with a work schedule, especially not if I have to go out of this particular town. Classes will end in five weeks, when I'll have two weeks to prepare for my two-week trip to Hawaii, after which I'll have until October 15th to work anytime. Fall classes will be mostly Friday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon...and only for eight weeks. So I'm really going to have plenty of time, but I don't right now--at least not at the right times.

Meanwhile, I have seen how God has provided for all of my needs, and even my wants, and I'm sure He will continue to do so. I just want to make sure that I am fulfilling my responsibilities, so I'm looking for a job. But I don't want to be closed to any possibilities just because they don't seem like they would work, etc.

As for classes, they began today. My math teacher (the morning one) is a married lady with a southern accent. My literature teacher (the afternoon one) is a single lady from Los Angeles. She looks a little as if she's out of it, but she isn't really...however, her idea of people as social constructs is a little different from my perspective. LOL! I think this class is going to be interesting...I know it's a lot less writing than I had expected. We'll do three one-page papers (I hope those are single-spaced!), one three-page paper (that's our final project), and a journal on all the readings (we just have to spend twenty minutes a day on it, so that should be pretty easy). And she gives points for effort, so I'm thinking it will be an easy A. Of course, by easy A I do NOT mean to imply that I think it will be without work; I just think that my work will pay off easily without giving me a lot of stress.

Today's reading is...the Epic of Gilgamesh.=) And we watched "Superman" in class today. I hadn't ever seen it; very interesting portrayal of a hero...the story line and relationships seemed very much to mirror what the Bible says about God the Father and God the Son. Anyone know any background on that? It was weird to see all those parallels...what the teacher is looking for is hero-related (that's the theme of our class). She's wanting us to look at heroes as social constructs, both in the past and in the present. So even though we're studying literature up to 1650, we'll be comparing it to present representations of similar ideas.


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