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Today was my first day of work-study, and I got to search the internet for safety signs and symbols that are country-specific (as opposed to universal). I didn't get very far on that; do you all have any recommendations? Otherwise, my time there was great. My boss is a really nice guy. He has told me that he has a bunch of quirks and can be hard to work with, but I'm having a hard time seeing that. We shall see. He also claims to be disorganized, but his office is one of the neatest places I've ever seen. His filing system isn't quite as organized as those of, say, a perfectionist whose obsession is looking neat...but it's obvious that he has a place for everything, and that things stay in their places...and that he keeps track of them. So to me he seems organized.

My dust allergies have flared up today. I look almost as bad as I feel, I think. My eyes are so puffy! I felt a lot healthier in Hawaii because of the trade winds and the constant fresh air. Yeah, air conditioning is nicer for preventing sweat, but it's definitely not better for my overall fatigue level. Speaking of which...getting back to central time has been very hard. A three day weekend during which I slept in every day was not any help, nor were the two days preceding it during which I went to bed late and rose early (thus getting very little sleep). Now that I'm on a regular schedule, though, I'm hoping that the time change (psychologically) will occur naturally.

I need to clean my room. School and sewing things were dumped out and mostly thrown into the closet, so I need to organize, but I really don't feel like it. I'd rather just go to sleep. However, my mom is taking the boys somewhere to help unload a truck for a friend's mother/grandmother who is going to have to live here I need to be awake for the younger kids.=)

That's my boring entry for the day. Sometime I'll explain how I got this work-study job.=) It's not really that difficult, actually. Remember my Western Civ. teacher from the spring semester? My brother's girlfriend, who works at the school, heard him saying he needed someone to work for him, so she suggested me, but after some time, he realized that I was looking for more hours than he could give (although I would have been happy with the ten he had) and he needed someone ASAP. But he decided to make it his personal mission to make sure that I got a work-study position, and that's exactly what he did. So now I've got a 15-hour-per-week job at the school, and I'm working 1-4 each weekday. I don't think I'll have to change my schedule this semester. Anyway, that's the story...I waited to tell everyone because I had more that I wanted to say about it, but I guess that's enough.
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Actually, I'm specifically wondering about Ryle's concept of a "category mistake" that Descartes (and others) made in their philosophy of the mind. Here's a sort of brief description, if you're not familiar with it. I think what confuses me is the whole "over and above" phrase. Is he saying that it's wrong to conclude that the mind is in a higher classification/categorization than the individual parts that make it up (or that it sums up what they are)...or that it is the correct way to view it? In other words, is he for or against the idea that the mind is the sum of the parts as well as a different categorization of them? Talking about this in class today, the instructor compared this idea to reducing mental processes to digestive processes. Of course, it seems (and the teacher noted this, of course) that the mental process involves far more complexity than does the digestive the question was whether Ryle's analogy held or not. But I still don't think I get it...

Which is why I'm having so much difficulty explaining my question. Do any of you have any ideas? I have the test tomorrow. I like going to class everyday, but it does leave a lot less time for research and trying to absorb the material as much as I would like. =\ I really do think I've "got it" enough, but I'm still not 100% sure.=)

In other news, my mom and little sister left this morning. My oldest brother is in Europe. So we've only got seven people at home at the moment. It's just for six days, though. I'm glad for Memorial Day, because I'm really not sure how to juggle school and work along with trying to help at home while my mom is gone. My dad's going to work on Memorial Day, so I'll be at home alone with the five boys. I'll have lots of work for them to do!;-) We'll have to get the house clean and do lots of other fun things. LOL! I think going to school and work is easier.

Well, I'd better get back to studying for my test.
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Went to see it at the University tonight in order to get one of my concert credits for Music Appreciation. The musicians were good, but the props were horrible and the costumes weren't really costumes. However, I was prepared for that...because I knew that it was a low-budget operation. I'm glad they skimped on the visual stuff instead of on the music! I'm not sure what to say about it on my little report, though. I was distracted from the music by the acting, which was hilarious...and the narration was even more amusing.

I still need to finish a paper for my English class on Monday. I should try to finish it tonight so that I don't have to stay up all night tomorrow night...when I really should be studying for chemistry (because I haven't been studying that at all and it's the hardest for me to comprehend). Tomorrow is going to busy since I'll probably be gone from home almost the entire time between nine in the morning and nine in the evening...I may have some time for homework at church during AWANA, but I would want to use that to improve on my final draft of my English paper. We'll see what really happens. I need to give myself enough time to do all of this stuff. I didn't go to work this morning...but that wasn't really a big help because I slept instead...and I don't think that it was really that helpful since I feel just as tired as usual even though I slept for about twelve hours last night! I'm feeling more and more worn out...I'm very glad that Valentine's Day will soon be here and we'll be over that rush at work. I've never been into Valentine's Day, but I feel like I've done so much preparing for it by making hundreds of baskets that I ought to celebrate at least by wearing some red. Haha. We'll see...

Well, my brother's plans to join the Marine Corps are still looking good. Well, actually, he already joined. He's going to go to his basic and specific training this summer and early fall, I think. By the end of the year, I think he will be stationed at Camp David in Virginia as a part of Presidential Security (his girlfriend said that only six people are accepted into that group each year). I suppose it will be strange to have him physically living somewhere else, but our communication has faded so much of late that I'm sometimes not sure that it will seem so very different.

I've been thinking about dating again...not thinking about doing it, but thinking about the practical ramifications of not doing it!=) I take a brother or two with me wherever I go. LOL! Can't go alone and can't go with a guy who's not related...I don't really want just female company (although there's safety in numbers, I feel safer with males than just females) I guess it's a good thing that I have six brothers, even if most of them are too young to go with me right now. I guess it's a good excuse or opportunity to spend time with them, though. Oh, the reason I'm thinking of this more is that I'm required to do things that I wouldn't normally go to concerts, which we've only ever done as a family when the event is not very costly. I don't go see movies because it costs too much to take everyone. But since I have to go to concerts for Music Appreciation, I go.=) And to other things when it's not convenient to take everyone. Actually, it's not even usually appropriate. The world's not a very pure environment.=\
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All six of my brothers seem to be a bit color blind (green/gray, especially), but neither my parents nor my sister and I are color blind (at least not in the standard sense--I do realize that everyone is technically "color blind"). The doctor who tested my oldest brother yesterday explained that he inherited the color blindness through my DAD and that it skips a generation.

Everything I have read on-line says that color blindness has to do with the X-chromosome, which has the genes for color vision on it. If that's true, then how would ALL six of my brothers have it and my mom not have it? It really wouldn't make any sense that way, but how can it be true that it has to do with the Y-chromosome if the genes for color vision are on the X-chromosome? Also, how would it skip a generation.

I really will post a real entry sometime. Life has been rather busy, and I have been extremely tired, so I really have not had the time to post and read entries as I would like. God bless each of you!


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