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Instead, I've been sitting here reading more of those old posts from "Skye's World." That's my means of procrastination in preparing for this trip. I guess we have to be out the door in about sixteen hours. LOL! So much for the dress I was going to make. My energy is sapped. I need to fold laundry and then go to Wal*Mart once again...because I again forgot to get some things. I couldn't find a power cord for my camera--I guess I'll eventually order one on-line. It's too bad I couldn't get it before Hawaii, but I did get a charger (that takes at least 12 hours, unfortunately--it was that or pay more than twice as much), six batteries for that, and sixteen regular (Rayovac--plus/maximum...whatever their called) batteries. Since the camera only takes two at a time, I'm hoping that's enough. I'll just have to be careful about how I use the camera. I'll go ahead and take my other camera, too, just to fool around with, I guess. It's kind of ironic that I have a power cord for one and batteries for the other...but batteries won't work for the one with the power cord and I don't have a power cord for the other.

But back to those old's really interesting to see how people have changed and how they've remained the same. I'm reading through my own posts with great interest, since I had forgotten what I said. I think I pretty much agree with it, though, and I can also see myself--as ever--trying to take a non-controversial stance (read: be the final authority) on each subject.

Which reminds me...I've decided which presidential candidate to vote for in November. LOL! For now I'm not telling, although you can probably guess. =D Part of what helped me reach my conclusion was my SS teacher's comments when I brought up the subject in Sunday school a few weeks (maybe a month) ago. Yes, I brought it up...the whole deal of God's sovereignty, man's responsibility, issues of character/integrity, and everything. And the ultimate conclusion is that--as Scripture says--each man must be fully convinced in his own mind, for whatever is not of faith is sin.
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LOL! Actually, I hope not. But my body seems to have a ridiculous response to standing on my feet for extended periods. Work is fun...I'm really enjoying having the time alone to think and to pray. I hadn't realized how much I had missed that kind of quiet time. I may get to work with a really good friend, too, which would be wonderful since we really haven't seen each other much lately.

I'm leaving Wednesday, so it's crunch time for doing the sewing that I still haven't completed. Our oven has been down, so we finally got it replaced...but the whole ordeal took up several of my mom's precious hours.

What I am trying to do now is to think of something related to my state to take to the people in Hawaii. But it's hard with Wal*Mart and Tyson and the Razorbacks being the only things that come to mind...I'm not at all interested in taking stuff related to them! =)

I didn't miss church last night, and I'm very glad I went...I got to pray with two sisters, and it was good to talk to them for a while...we haven't really had any private conversation for a long time.

So...anyway...not much depth. I have been really tired and that's really all I have to say. LOL! I'm writing more in my regular journal at the moment.

Hair 2004

Jul. 24th, 2004 08:37 pm
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And, yes, it's just the tiniest bit uneven, but I like it very much. It is a little shorter than I had hoped, but I think it will work. And, afterall, it should only take about a year and a half to grow another twelve inches.

After my mom and I got our haircut, we went to Hobby Lobby and met the choir director from our church AND some of the Holts. I think everyone's out shopping on Saturday (we saw some people we knew from church at WalMart this evening, too).
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I'm defective. LOL! The bottom of my spine is at a 51* angle where it should be about 28*. My neck is curved very little--in the opposite direction of what it should be. And something about my lower spine isn't aligned properly. I got to see a picture of the hardware in my's definitely there...and now I understand why it hurts when I bump my hip! There really is a screw/bolt there...and it's big! The accident itself probably caused nothing...really it's probably my jamming on my brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of me, and that only caused inflammation in my back. However, the problems overall are basically just because of the way my body is made. I'm thinking that the way it is might not be quite as abnormal as the chiropractor believes, though. My neck is like my mom's, and the end of my spine is probably not a lot different from that of many women in my dad's family. I haven't had the headaches that the chiropractor said a leaning and wrongly-curved neck like mine might lead to...the only "problem" I have is not being able to rotate my head "normally," and the neck stuff explains why twisting my head to check my blindspot is so difficult for me.

So I guess I'll be seeing the chiropractor regularly for a while. I'm still concerned about the financial aspects of it, but I trust that the Lord will provide in whatever way He sees fit.

A Malaysian guy who visited our church a few weeks ago has been talking to my parents about a multi-level marketing business he is getting involved in...he came to our house this dad likes the idea of pursuing it, but my mom doesn't think it's very practical--especially since the products are high priced and not very useful for her. She said we would need a $1,000/month grocery budget in order to buy our food that way...and what we actually have is closer to half of that (for ten people). I don't like the concept of MLMs at all. My dad has long been interested in a home business, though, so he may continue to pursue this. If it's like other things, it will come to dad is not a salesman (not that that's a weakness--he just isn't), so I don't see how this could possibly succeed. I don't know whether I would be good at selling anything, but I do know that I wouldn't even bother trying if I didn't consider a product worth purchasing. I don't even think the baskets I'm helping produce are worth the price we charge for them--at least not from my perspective as a consumer.

I wasn't on much yesterday...due to the chiropractic adjustment I had. Goodness! I ended up going to bed at about three in the morning on Friday because I was studying for an algebra test. I actually showered before I went to bed because I wasn't sure I would wake up in time to do it later...I did get up at six, though. I nearly fell asleep during the review, but the test was fun...I hope I get one hundred percent on it. My teacher said that we could replace one of our three test scores with the final in calculating our final grade...and I'd like to have all the rest of my tests/final be higher than the 99 I got on my first test. LOL! I guess I'll settle for less, though, if I find myself unable to do better. The guy who sits next to me in class said he hopes he did as well as I did on the last test. I guess knowing that someone COULD get a reasonably good grade motivated him to study...he has attended class faithfully and studied. I'm amazed...I'm also glad to know that my teacher's announcement of my grade on the last test did not create resentment (at least not in the people I've spoken to).

My chiropractic appointment was at 12:15. Even though my algebra class (twenty minutes away) usually ends at ten till twelve, I figured everything would work out since we would get out early because of just doing the test. I was able to go home and get a little to eat before going to the chiropractor. He showed me the x-rays and then used an activator on my neck after doing who knows what to my back. After it, and especially this morning, I felt like someone had hammered my neck and back...but without leaving any surface bruising. I went to WalMart not long after the appointment (my boss had okayed me not coming to work) and got a caddy to carry my books on. Better to look like an idiot than to be in [more] pain, I guess. By the time we got home, I was so weak that I HAD to I did. I slept from around four until after eight, and I wasn't even sure I could get up then. I ate dinner and folded laundry, and then was so tired that I ended up going back to bed at ten. I got up at 6:30 feeling like I STILL hadn't gotten enough sleep...but feeling a tiny bit stronger. My mom and I hurried to a fabric store where they had things at 40% off from 7-8. I purchased blue and black checked fabric for a dress and a purple print for a skirt (or two). I'm excited about sewing them!

I finished folding laundry when we got home and I cleaned the bathroom later before going to WalMart (yet again) with my mom...this time mostly to buy Halloween candy.=) I have felt much stronger today in spite of the pain, which I think is lessening. Maybe it will be closer to gone tomorrow. I'm hoping we'll be able to get a rental car next week to make life just a little more convenient. Even so, I probably won't be driving for a while.

I guess that's enough of an entry for now...I'm probably being too detailed. I am supposed to write a comparison essay in-class on Monday. I'm kind of looking forward to it...for some reason, I really prefer doing such things in-class. I think it's because I don't have so much time to be a perfectionist about it. I should study science because I'm not totally getting the genetics stuff we are doing. It won't be long before we're into evolution...which very few (if any) in my class beleive. That should be interesting, especially since the teacher announced at the beginning of the semester that there would be no consideration of the concept of "Creativity" in class. Haha. We shall see about that.

Okay, I really do need to end...and I'm very thankful that I haven't had anything to report to "closer friends only" in the last few days or so.=)
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For the first time ever, I may actually get that extra hour of sleep. Up till now, I have stayed up for that extra hour, but my body doesn't seem to want to do that should be getting ready for bed soon. I'm planning to go to WalMart in the morning instead of tonight.=)


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