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I guess that should be obvious from my lack of posts since Wednesday. I suppose there are things I could say, but I have written them in my journal off-line or discussed them with people already, which makes it less necessary for me to "express" stuff on LJ. And that is why you haven't been "blessed" with my posts for a few days.=D Time to leave for Youth Choir is drawing near...and I'll have to make a break for AWANA right in the middle of Youth Group...but that is my Sunday life for the rest of the school year, so I had better get used to it. I haven't figured out whether I'm AWANA "staff" or not since all I do is play the piano, basically. That's certainly something, but it's not directly involved with the kids, so I don't know. It does occupy time, so I guess it does count...but sitting down when they asked AWANA staff to stand was easier. LOL! So, um, I'll pretend I'm not "staff," that I'm just the piano girl.

Oh, I have also been practicing music for the Youth and Children's choirs. I'm excited that my practice is finally paying off and I'm now able to play through a couple of pieces pretty well. I'm always amazed at what consistent practice does for a piece...which is pretty sad, since I have been playing the piano for almost eight years now. =\ And I still haven't gotten into practicing scales, unfortunately.

But this is a really stupid post, so goodbye and have a great Sunday evening.=D
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I'm just about ready to give up on LJ. There's no way I can even keep up with skimming the posts now. Maybe it's just jet lag, though. I hope so because I surely don't want to lose this part of my life. I did want to share with you all the encouraging things that are happening right now, but I have been spending hours on the computer working to get wedding photos cropped and ready to upload. Now I just have to find the site for it...since I'm familiar with Yahoo, I'm pretty sure that's what I'll end up using, even though bandwidth is probably going to be an issue. I have about three hundred pictures to post (maybe it's less than that, but it will be double whatever it already was because of thumbnail images, which should decrease the bandwidth problem somewhat because people probably won't be inclined to look at every picture). My new digital camera worked out beautifully. I've made the images much smaller for on-line viewing, but the people I saw will get the photos on CD sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

Meanwhile, I will begin working mornings AND afternoons next week. Through the Lord's blessing in an amazing (to me) sequence of events, I now have a work-study position for fifteen hours per week. So I'm good to go for next semester, I guess. My finances are pretty well in shape, amazingly. The Lord really does provide...but never really early, apparently...just exactly when I need it. I guess it's just as well that I didn't have more money to spend in Hawaii!

I think I might have already said this, but I had a wonderful trip. I met some awesome people and renewed relationships with other wonderful people...and now I kind of miss them. The joy of fellowship with other believers is incredible. I even miss some of the guys I met!=D I got to see my dad's family, which was also wonderful...much better than I expected.

My 7 y.o. brother has been throwing up this evening, so I'm hoping that we don't all come down with a virus this weekend. Labor Day is Monday, and I want to enjoy my little break to finish recovering from my trip to Hawaii!

I hope to say more later, but I really want to work on those pictures. I'm really sorry that I'm not keeping up with all your entries. My body is physically drained due to fatigue...because of my own foolishness, I haven't had that much sleep in the last few days. Oh, well.
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Reporters are...well, I'm glad I didn't have to talk to any. Haha. Jim Holt is far ahead of his opponents in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate, so I'm very grateful.=)

I'm not posting much these days and I'm not really reading a whole lot, either...I've been skimming mostly. School begins again Monday, so I guess I am trying to get my mental vacation time in.=) So meanwhile I'm reading Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn...good book, although I'm so tired that I took a computer break. I should shower (I'm very sticky from standing out in the heat today...while my mom and I worked on getting a petition signed to get marriage on the ballot for the November election--marriage as in defining it in an amendment to the state constitution). Anyway...I'm tired.

I hope you all are well!
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But just barely in this case! I was right on the edge of a B at 90 (my very lenient school gives A's for 90-100%) my much-obsessed-over-Western Civ. class. According to my instructor, "Study groups, not the last minute kind, work." =) I think I can do better on the test next time and I KNOW that my study partners can, so I'm looking forward to "conquering" the next exam. I really do need to write and memorize four (or at least three) essays in preparation for the exam...and I need to study the text more closely. That is the closest I have ever come to a B and it is too close for comfort at this point.

In other news...there is no other news. I've been spending too much time on studying.;-) Actually, the truth is that my "social life" (which people probably don't consider a social life) has picked up along with schoolwork to such an extent that I've had barely any time on-line and practically no time for journal entries. I have so much I would love to say, so many interesting experiences with people, but because I share it with others I am no longer overwhelmed with the desire to "tell someone" about it.

So forget all that and get to the heart of things here. I am going through serious baby withdrawal, but I have neither the time nor the energy to wish seriously for another baby in this house. My desire to get married has increased somewhat, too, as I hear a constant "attack" on God's design for marriage...not just in people who are promoting a redefinition of marriage, but also in people who promote individualism. I have a sense of not belonging.=\ And a desire to go to Bible school...but without leaving home and without doing distance learning (which is why, of course, I say GO). But I want to have a high-quality education. So many desires that seem to be rather conflicting, but all in God's time. It's not that I think Bible college can't provide a quality education, but that I really want to make sure that I get a WELL-rounded education. I want people to make me think BEYOND what is required/desired at secular universities.

So, anyway...I need to get on with other things.
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We must have a very slow connection right now...I don't even need to be writing in this journal, especially as it will be taking time that I need to devote to other things. It doesn't sound so very overwhelming, but it SEEMS overwhelming...and that's all that really seems to matter right now. I went to bed after three this morning and got up at six. I'm very grateful for Blue Bunny's limited edition chocolate ice cream with brownies and chocolate candy in it. If you haven't tried it, it's wonderful...and it helped me stay awake for several hours of homework last night. I am thinking that I had better sleep tonight, though, because extreme sleep deprivation can be dangerous. I don't think I've reached that point, though.

Two encouraging things happened today...and you can guess that they related to tests. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to talk about it now. But it's not so important to tell what it was as that it was. My hard work is not in vain; I'm not as much of a dunce as I thought. I have one more beginning-of-the-semester test, which is in one week. If I can get an A on that test, well...then I won't feel like a failure. Somehow, I think that school is becoming too important to me.

Hey, I have a question for you music people out there.

I'm supposed to do a presentation on Franz Liszt in my Music Appreciation class on Monday morning and the teacher wants us to be "original" in our presentations. Her examples were of a guy dressing up in an Elvis costume, a military man dressing in his uniform and delivering his speech as a briefing, and of a guy using objects to illustrate various aspects of a composer's life. I'm lost in trying to figure out how to present Liszt. I'm not about to dress up like a guy or to pretend to play like him. I LIKE playing the piano, but I'm...well...if good piano players were like children compared to Liszt, I'm out of the running altogether in a comparison...because I don't even approach mediocre--which is okay for what I do. But anyway...I need some ideas on what to do for originality. I'm reading four books about him (actually, I've read one, started two, and haven't even opened the cover of the fourth); I must have six references total, no more than two of which can be internet sources. Since I already have four out of six, I guess that I'll get the rest on-line even though I think that the sources I have really are comprehensive enough. Anyway...ideas???
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lime green )

And yes we have i-net access at the moment (my brother signed up for AOL, the only the thing that seems to work on our computer right now). And yes I'm up at one in the morning...working on a paper that I signed up to do individual review on tomorrow instead of, yeah. I wasn't planning on getting sick when I did that. And I'm still glad I did it. And yes I need to get up in about four hours...but I won't be going to bed for a while. Maybe I'll take a shower before I go to bed so I won't have to get up quite so early. Buying lunch tomorrow is VERY tempting so I won't have to prepare it. If my mom already has a sandwich made, I won't have to prepare it anyway.

I did not get my biology lab reports done for Monday yet, and I'm really annoyed about that. I wanted to do it last night and tonight, but...I'm doing my research paper. And I have a math test on Friday, over material that I'm still not sure I've "got." Actually, part of the problem is not having SOLVSYS on my calculator and part of the problem is that I'm not sure I understand that factorial exclamation point. If I've got it right, then all the sequences on one example problem my teacher gave me are zeros, but I don't have an answer key for them, and I'm not sure how to find out for sure without e-mailing my teacher, and I'm not sure I see a point in that. Oh, well.

I really do need to get back to my research paper. It is thrillingly disorganized. Ha. Not really. Disorganized, yes, but definitely not thrilling...not even inspired. It is extremely mechanical, which is probably why I find it necessary to take a journaling break here.

Anyone else heard from Dea lately? I just got an e-mail from her today, and I was really glad to find out that she's still alive (she did mention some other things). Just wondered who remembered her...especially since I was trying to pass on any "news." Don't worry...I didn't say anything bad about anyone. I actually didn't say much at all.

All right; good night!=)


Nov. 28th, 2003 02:05 pm
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I'm at the library. We are continuing to have computer problems, with internet access blinking on and off (or something like that). I have a cold...and it is cold.

Um, anyway. Thanksgiving was okay, although feeling nasty didn't make it much fun. =) I'm going to see a lawyer on Monday...about the car situation.

Sorry this is so disjointed. I don't know when I'll be back...for all I know, it could be today...or it might not be till Monday or Wednesday.
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I'm back on-line at home! But just a little, I guess. I've been sewing tonight...because I was tired of studying. Work today was a little more intense than usual since we just had our first "pressure order" (how I think of it). We did it, though, and I'm very grateful to the Lord! Still, we'll have to increase our production quite a bit if we're going to do all that we need to do. And I still have to go to school...and study. It's good that I'm in school, though, because I'd just let studying go if I weren't.

Well, I'm I should go to bed, now that I've been up for almost eighteen hours. I got a one dollar Mexican meal to eat for breakfast...I'll see how it tastes.=) I'm experimenting with preprepared far, I think they're better than fasting.


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