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I've actually even got the skirt of it hemmed and the ties sewn. Now for the top...which I have cut out. I came out of my room to get red thread, but I stopped at the computer...and have been here for a while now, reading stuff at "Skye's World." The posts made me miss the place and the people...and yet I know we could never go back to having things as they were. I can't helping wishing for some aspects of it, though!

And the countdown is on...well, I would have to calculate the hours, but I am leaving in the afternoon the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow, I go to the chiropractor. Wednesday, I take ibuprofen with me on the plane in case the treatment was a little too strong. I need to try to remember to ask him to do it lightly. It always feels fine during the process, but I usually take a couple of days to recover, and I don't WANT to take a couple of days to recover from the rolling bed!
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Unfortunately, our USB port is broken, so I can't download right now. I'm hoping my brother will convince my dad to get a new USB card before I return from Hawaii, though, so I can download lots of pictures. The camera is a Canon PowerShot A310, with a 32 MB card. I also purchased a 128 MB card...paying around $185, with the expectation of a $10 rebate on the extra card. So I'm really excited. I didn't think I would be able to afford a camera before leaving (and now my checking account is practically empty), but I saw the ad in the paper this afternoon, and I called the store...they only had two left at that point, and when my mom got home with my car, I called them to reserve and the model was different, so that's how I ended up with the 310 (twice the memory and more features) instead of the 300.

I definitely have whatever virus my siblings have been experiencing. I'm going to take Vitamin C and ibuprofen until it's gone, gone, gone! I cannot stand fatigue when I'm trying to get ready to leave. The amount of sewing I still need to do has been overwhelming...because, you see, I now need to make swimming shorts because I discovered that the bridesmaids will be sleeveless, and I have to even out my not-so-beautiful farmer's tan. I don't feel too bad, though, because the Bible college bridesmaids who are already in Hawaii are working on their tans right now, and they are starting out a lot lighter than I am.;-) I guess it pays to be half-Filipino.

And my darling little brother decided to cut one of the finished patchwork placemats, so now my mom has that repair to do, although she may do it at a later date and send it. I just want to start packing.

But I need to sew. And I need to go to work tomorrow and Tuesday. And I was planning to make bread tomorrow afternoon, go to the chiropractor Tuesday afternoon...and leave Wednesday afternoon. LOL! I'm so glad that school is over.

Sunday school with the fifth and sixth graders went well this morning. Only three kids were there, and of course I know all three of them.=D We talked about God's purpose in suffering and how He achieved it in Paul's life. I talked to them about Charles Templeton, the atheist who used to be an evangelist at the same time that Billy Graham first began. Templeton saw a picture of an African lady with her starving baby (on Life magazine) and said that he found it impossible to believe that a loving God could withhold rain when just rain would make it possible for the lady and her child to be nourished. Then I asked the kids how they would respond to something like that. It was an interesting discussion...I'm not too big on the Sunday school curriculum. It seems a little elementary for the kids in that church. But nothing's to prevent me from adding stuff...except that my only Sunday with them--for now--is over. I'm not really planning on teaching a Sunday school class regularly any time in the near future, but I do enjoy subbing occasionally.

The kids will begin choir practice on Saturday, after I've left. I told the director that I would be back two weeks from Wednesday, though, so that will be good. She talked about giving me the music at church tonight, but my head was hurting too badly for me to wait around and I guess I'll just play it when I get back to church on the first of September. I'm sure that will be fun, especially if the kids have already learned the music well.;-)

Okay, enough procrastinating. I still haven't come up with ideas for what to take to people, but I guess I'll figure that out later, if ever. Maybe the little I have is going to have to do. Or maybe we really will get terrycloth potholders.
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LOL! Actually, I hope not. But my body seems to have a ridiculous response to standing on my feet for extended periods. Work is fun...I'm really enjoying having the time alone to think and to pray. I hadn't realized how much I had missed that kind of quiet time. I may get to work with a really good friend, too, which would be wonderful since we really haven't seen each other much lately.

I'm leaving Wednesday, so it's crunch time for doing the sewing that I still haven't completed. Our oven has been down, so we finally got it replaced...but the whole ordeal took up several of my mom's precious hours.

What I am trying to do now is to think of something related to my state to take to the people in Hawaii. But it's hard with Wal*Mart and Tyson and the Razorbacks being the only things that come to mind...I'm not at all interested in taking stuff related to them! =)

I didn't miss church last night, and I'm very glad I went...I got to pray with two sisters, and it was good to talk to them for a while...we haven't really had any private conversation for a long time.

So...anyway...not much depth. I have been really tired and that's really all I have to say. LOL! I'm writing more in my regular journal at the moment.


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