I'm back!

Sep. 1st, 2004 03:06 pm
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Back to the world of air conditioning, where the people can wear shoes and socks all day long without anyone commenting on it. LOL! I'm back to the world of work, school, and home responsibilities. I'm glad to be back, but I'm also glad I went...I got to see a really cool wedding, meet some really cool people, and come to some really cool resolutions. I think I'm going to start a proactive method of limiting my LJ time (by scheduling more interaction with local people...if their schedules allow for it). At the same time, I'm going to have to look for edifying activities, so that could be a little difficult, but we shall see.

The wedding was fantastic. After my dad picks up a new USB card this afternoon, I should be able to download and upload pictures for everyone to see...out of the hundreds or so that my mom and I took. I tried to keep a daily journal while we were gone, but I might end up just going by pictures or saying very little since tomorrow is when I get back to work. Tonight is Children's Choir, where I will be playing music I have only seen once before. The place we stayed in Hawaii did not have a piano...I nearly went crazy. They did have several guitars, but I didn't borrow any of them because I'm really not that great on the guitar...and I don't love it the same way. Anyway, it is time for me to practice music tonight, but I did want to make the announcement that I'm back. I hope you all have stayed well. If any of you (besides Ruth) have announced pregnancies, engagements, or weddings in the past week and I don't comment on it, please let me know what's happening. Thanks!
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LOL! Actually, I hope not. But my body seems to have a ridiculous response to standing on my feet for extended periods. Work is fun...I'm really enjoying having the time alone to think and to pray. I hadn't realized how much I had missed that kind of quiet time. I may get to work with a really good friend, too, which would be wonderful since we really haven't seen each other much lately.

I'm leaving Wednesday, so it's crunch time for doing the sewing that I still haven't completed. Our oven has been down, so we finally got it replaced...but the whole ordeal took up several of my mom's precious hours.

What I am trying to do now is to think of something related to my state to take to the people in Hawaii. But it's hard with Wal*Mart and Tyson and the Razorbacks being the only things that come to mind...I'm not at all interested in taking stuff related to them! =)

I didn't miss church last night, and I'm very glad I went...I got to pray with two sisters, and it was good to talk to them for a while...we haven't really had any private conversation for a long time.

So...anyway...not much depth. I have been really tired and that's really all I have to say. LOL! I'm writing more in my regular journal at the moment.
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Please pray that God would give me wisdom and discernment in job hunting. I am currently laid off, as I figured was coming...so no surprises. I prayed previously for God's direction on what to do, and felt that He was directing me to stay as long as I could, which I did. More recently, because I haven't been able to get many hours, I have prayed more about what to do, and I began applying for jobs at the school. I posted my "resume'" on the school web site Tuesday night and have not had any response to the one application that I submitted. I submitted more applications today. I'm not really sure how much to pursue this at this point because I'm in class four hours a day right now and at times that don't work well with a work schedule, especially not if I have to go out of this particular town. Classes will end in five weeks, when I'll have two weeks to prepare for my two-week trip to Hawaii, after which I'll have until October 15th to work anytime. Fall classes will be mostly Friday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon...and only for eight weeks. So I'm really going to have plenty of time, but I don't right now--at least not at the right times.

Meanwhile, I have seen how God has provided for all of my needs, and even my wants, and I'm sure He will continue to do so. I just want to make sure that I am fulfilling my responsibilities, so I'm looking for a job. But I don't want to be closed to any possibilities just because they don't seem like they would work, etc.

As for classes, they began today. My math teacher (the morning one) is a married lady with a southern accent. My literature teacher (the afternoon one) is a single lady from Los Angeles. She looks a little as if she's out of it, but she isn't really...however, her idea of people as social constructs is a little different from my perspective. LOL! I think this class is going to be interesting...I know it's a lot less writing than I had expected. We'll do three one-page papers (I hope those are single-spaced!), one three-page paper (that's our final project), and a journal on all the readings (we just have to spend twenty minutes a day on it, so that should be pretty easy). And she gives points for effort, so I'm thinking it will be an easy A. Of course, by easy A I do NOT mean to imply that I think it will be without work; I just think that my work will pay off easily without giving me a lot of stress.

Today's reading is...the Epic of Gilgamesh.=) And we watched "Superman" in class today. I hadn't ever seen it; very interesting portrayal of a hero...the story line and relationships seemed very much to mirror what the Bible says about God the Father and God the Son. Anyone know any background on that? It was weird to see all those parallels...what the teacher is looking for is hero-related (that's the theme of our class). She's wanting us to look at heroes as social constructs, both in the past and in the present. So even though we're studying literature up to 1650, we'll be comparing it to present representations of similar ideas.
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But that hasn't increased my time on LJ by very much. I did not end up working Wednesday evening or yesterday during the day. Wednesday night, I finished watching an old version of "Jane Eyre" and I slept all day on Thursday...after rising at about seven. Haha. I went back to bed between ten and eleven and did not get up until five. I was able to make myself stay up until a little after two this morning, but it was hard...my body seems to fade right about midnight. Anyway...I have no class until 12:15, so I'm moving at a rather leisurely pace.

I do have plans for the rest of the month, though. Concerts galore to try to get my credits...the only one I'm lacking so far (for this month and to complete all my requirements) is a vocal recital. I wish I could find a good vocalist. I'll have to start checking on that.

Choral concert...my grandmother's in the group
Faculty recital at school
Piano recital of a Steinway artist
Symphony at the university
Trumpet recital by a trumpet instructor at the university

We'll see what March holds as far as concerts...I can extra credit for extra concerts, so that should be fun. I'm guessing that I don't need to stress out over that class since it's so simple to get extra credit.

My Western Civilization (I) class is just a little more challenging because the instructor actually intends for us to know the stuff that he teaches and what's in the book. I need 90% of 320 points to get an A in that class and I'm starting out with 7 bonus points. Twenty points are for attendance (which I will get because I do go to every class...I believe that his policy is to award those points to the people who miss three or fewer classes...giving NONE of those points to students who miss more than that).

The tests consist of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. First, he has 16 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each. These will be based on all of the readings that we have done, so I guess I should pay more attention to the details than I normally do. The second part of the test is IDs, which he has given us along with the readings--other teachers call them terms. At any rate, he will put a list of 8 (out of at least 24 that he has given us) on the test for us to pick 3 to give the when (1 pt. each), what (3 pts. each), and why (3 pts. each). We must be precise and thorough on each of those areas if we desire to get the full points. Between the 16th multiple choice question and the extra point for the IDs (21 instead of 20), he says we have 3 bonus points built into the test. We'll see!

The other 50 points on the test are for the essay question. We have been given four to study and compose rough drafts for...four 2-4 page essays (I'm not sure how we're going to confine ourselves to 4 pages, but I guess we won't have long enough to make it much longer). He wants us to be thorough and to write the essays well and to think for ourselves. So, anyway, he will have 2 of the 4 questions on each of our exams and we will answer only 1. He grades on all of the above-mentioned aspects of the essays.

I'm meeting with a study group Monday to discuss initial drafts even though the exam itself is not until March 3rd!

So that's my life right now...I do need to get ready for school so that I can leave early or study more here at home.


Feb. 10th, 2004 06:04 pm
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My busyness should end at 1:00 P.M. on Thursday...because that is our cut-off time for getting Valentine's Day stuff to the stores. That means that there will be a lull in the work until things are together for Easter, I guess. I'm kind of excited about the prospect of having more time to study. I find that studying and sleeping are very useful activities for achieving good grades in school.

Anyway, what I need to do right now is study for a Music Appreciation test for tomorrow morning. I'm hoping the insructor will delay it because we missed Monday, but she had originally slated it for Monday, so I don't know if she will want to extend it further. I have a chemistry test one week from tomorrow and a Western Civ. test two weeks from tomorrow. It's nice to have them spaced apart that way. I've already taken my first test in Fundamentals of Communication and my only other class is English (I think our only "exam" will be a self-assessment in-class at the end of the semester), so I will soon be done with the first round of tests.

So...study tonight...school tomorrow during the day...church tomorrow evening...working tomorrow night...work Thursday up to the cut-off. Then my life will be easy.=) The only thing about not working is that I'm going to be saving less for my trip to Hawaii, but I'm hoping to have enough for a ticket soon. Speaking of money, it appears that the lawyer who is handling my accident case will be getting money above medical and legal expenses. I'm hoping that my mom will get most of that money since she was the main one who was inconvenienced, but we shall see...it would be great if she could have it for a ticket to go with me to Hawaii.=)
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Went to see it at the University tonight in order to get one of my concert credits for Music Appreciation. The musicians were good, but the props were horrible and the costumes weren't really costumes. However, I was prepared for that...because I knew that it was a low-budget operation. I'm glad they skimped on the visual stuff instead of on the music! I'm not sure what to say about it on my little report, though. I was distracted from the music by the acting, which was hilarious...and the narration was even more amusing.

I still need to finish a paper for my English class on Monday. I should try to finish it tonight so that I don't have to stay up all night tomorrow night...when I really should be studying for chemistry (because I haven't been studying that at all and it's the hardest for me to comprehend). Tomorrow is going to busy since I'll probably be gone from home almost the entire time between nine in the morning and nine in the evening...I may have some time for homework at church during AWANA, but I would want to use that to improve on my final draft of my English paper. We'll see what really happens. I need to give myself enough time to do all of this stuff. I didn't go to work this morning...but that wasn't really a big help because I slept instead...and I don't think that it was really that helpful since I feel just as tired as usual even though I slept for about twelve hours last night! I'm feeling more and more worn out...I'm very glad that Valentine's Day will soon be here and we'll be over that rush at work. I've never been into Valentine's Day, but I feel like I've done so much preparing for it by making hundreds of baskets that I ought to celebrate at least by wearing some red. Haha. We'll see...

Well, my brother's plans to join the Marine Corps are still looking good. Well, actually, he already joined. He's going to go to his basic and specific training this summer and early fall, I think. By the end of the year, I think he will be stationed at Camp David in Virginia as a part of Presidential Security (his girlfriend said that only six people are accepted into that group each year). I suppose it will be strange to have him physically living somewhere else, but our communication has faded so much of late that I'm sometimes not sure that it will seem so very different.

I've been thinking about dating again...not thinking about doing it, but thinking about the practical ramifications of not doing it!=) I take a brother or two with me wherever I go. LOL! Can't go alone and can't go with a guy who's not related...I don't really want just female company (although there's safety in numbers, I feel safer with males than just females)...so I guess it's a good thing that I have six brothers, even if most of them are too young to go with me right now. I guess it's a good excuse or opportunity to spend time with them, though. Oh, the reason I'm thinking of this more is that I'm required to do things that I wouldn't normally do...like go to concerts, which we've only ever done as a family when the event is not very costly. I don't go see movies because it costs too much to take everyone. But since I have to go to concerts for Music Appreciation, I go.=) And to other things when it's not convenient to take everyone. Actually, it's not even usually appropriate. The world's not a very pure environment.=\
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Seems to be a recurring theme of most of my teachers. I won't say all because I don't think my chemistry teacher is quite as strong on it as my other instructors are...but then my chemistry teacher is significantly older than my other instructors (who are twenties to forties or fifties, while he is probably in his late seventies). My English class is focused on literature that emphasizes the importance of self-expression...my communication class basically emphasizes self-expression. My music class is more about analyzing the expressions of others. And my history class is about how women and poor people were prevented from being all they could have been. Of course, that is kind of the theme of the readings for English, too.

Now, I am all for expressing my opinion...exercising my "Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech" (as my communication book says)...BUT...why this focus? Why is it "me"? Why is everything so self-centered? I almost get the impression that self-expression/making one's voice heard is of greater inherent value than having/forming a correct (but unspoken) opinion about something. People are more preoccupied with thinking freely than thinking truly...and, in ignoring the truly, they miss the freely. Still, all this has started me thinking...

What is the best road to "self-actualization"? In Sunday school this past Sunday, we talked about a specific person (an actress of whom I hadn't ever heard) who is obviously not happy and obviously rudderless. Apparently, she has done quite a bit towards "expressing herself," to getting down to who she really is...or at least making an effort to do so...but it keeps changing. That made me start thinking about my how my history teacher refers to religion as one method that people have used to control others...obviously factual, but interesting to consider in application to Christianity. There are other faiths for which people are willing to live and die, but Christianity is not just a hopeful kind of hope, but a "blessed assurance" kind of hope of which we can be certain...it provides a peace that passes all understanding RIGHT NOW. Or maybe I should say that the Prince of Peace gives us peace that passes all understanding. But in a logical, philosophical sense, if you were to assume that all things were physical, natural...nothing spiritual (although this entire concession would be somewhat of a contradiction), it would seem that people still have some kind of response to the religious...something that gives them motivation to live, and to live in a way that gives them satisfaction...at least to some extent (I do not know how it is for the unsaved). So even if people choose not to recognize that there really is a basis for Christianity, they cannot deny that it does give people some guidance...something that allows for true "self-actualization" (in the paradox of losing one's life to save it, which I'm sure would sound illogical to most people...if not all people, from a finite perspective). Something's there...something's to it. I'm almost scared to read biographies of the "best" poets...those horribly depressed people, many of whom have committed suicide. Is their poetry "self-actualization"?

I'm not expressing my thoughts very well here, but I guess what I'm wanting to say is that the self-centered approach doesn't work...that there's a way that does work...that people will try to ignore the way that does work...that it's all very sad. People shouldn't have to spend their whole lives analyzing themselves...knowledge of the truth would be all they would need (God's Word provides the best basis for finding out our true selves!).

Okay, I'd better stop...this is what I do when I'm tired. I have been thinking about this stuff as I've wrapped coke baskets in cellophane...as I've driven back and forth between activities...as I've done anything that doesn't require much use of my mind. Obviously, something's wrong...and I know Someone who has the answer...but people don't want to hear it. Instead of wanting to hear hope, they want to know how to describe and analyze hopelessness. Instead of wanting to be clean, they want to explore the mud in the pig sty. It reminds me of a man in Pilgrim's Progress who spent his whole life looking in the straw for treasure while someone held a crown that he would have seen if he had only looked up. I am praying that the Lord will show me how to demonstrate His love so that people WILL look up!
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As one might expect, I suppose. I have neither busyness nor forgetfulness to excuse my neglect of LJ. In fact, I cannot even plead that I have had little to say! Perhaps it is more because I am thinking of so much...and am so uncertain of what to devote my time and thought to developing and sharing. At any rate, I don't think I will make a decision now.

I still read people's journal entries, but even less than I did during my busy time during December. I think that I will come back to LJ when school begins again...somehow it provides a delightful outlet for my complaints.;-) Or maybe sympathetic ears/eyes.

I am still off from school and work. I will probably return to work on Thursday morning, and school recommences on Monday morning. My dear brother will begin taking classes this semester. He has given notice that he is quitting his job this week...and he NEEDS another job very much. I wish I could help him, but I have no idea what he could do since he wants to earn more than $8.00 per hour and he has some expenses in the way of his getting a job as a mechanic (for which he is qualified by technical schooling/training).

I am more certain now that I will be going to Hawaii in August. It's very exciting to think about visiting people and places that are ever-dimmer memories. I am looking forward to observing the changes that have taken place, although I fully expect that more of them will grieve me than will give me delight. And, much as I hate the gritty sand of the beach, I look forward to seeing the Pacific Ocean again...I have not seen it since I left Hawaii in 1997. And although I live in the mountains, I don't see mountains...not really...we're in a somewhat flat area. I miss the Ko'olaus in Hawaii. I did not think I would ever relish the thought of visiting Hawaii, but I do now.

My littlest brother continues to be quite rambunctious. One of his most recent...don't know what to call it...I would say escapades, but I'm not sure that it is precisely what I mean. Anyway, my mom had put him to bed in his crib in my parents' room one afternoon, and she went about her work. Not too long after that, she went to check on him and found his crib--and her room--empty. She came out asking, "Where's Gabriel?" We found him in my room (the closed door had prevented us from seeing him)...with half a dozen muffins crumbled on the floor. I had made chocolate chip muffins for my secret sister at church, and had placed them in a Ziploc bag on my desk. LOL! Oh, well. The muffins aren't wonderful enough to lament losing. And I shouldn't have left them on my desk...I DO know better! LOL! It seems funny to me to realize that I find such events so common, and really quite unruffling.

I have begun further paragraphs, but I don't think I really want to say anything else...all else I would say has more to do with what has truly occupied my thoughts, and that would take more time to tell (and it is not news...just thoughts about various topics that have been stirred in my mind and heart).
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No work today...I went in, but my boss did not need me, so I came home and helped get newsletters folded and mailed. I went to the chiropractor this afternoon, and then did some shopping at a dollar store. I slept before going, and I slept this evening...after finishing Mother, by Kathleen Norris, and Buried Alive, by Jack Cuozzo. Now I need to wrap gifts.

I don't know if I am going to work tomorrow, but I got over twenty hours in last week, so I'm pretty good for these two weeks anyway. I also just found out that I actually won't be paying anything for car insurance until about March because my rate reduction was so great from me turning twenty-one. And then I'll eventually get a good student discount, although it won't be quite so significant. Anyway, that is a big blessing for me...because I thought that I was going to be paying for books, the remainder of my tuition, and car insurance all at the same time. I'm now much closer to having enough money to go to Hawaii, which I'm pretty firmly planning to do. I need to call my engaged friend sometime to talk to her about it all. I think her mom is already working on bridesmaids' dresses.=)

I actually could probably say a lot, but I have been so tired that I have been spending nearly all of my spare moments sleeping. I have also worked on making fudge. My first try turned out rock hard, but yesterday's batch was about as perfect as it gets, so I'm happy. My brother is doing some shameful editing to our church pictures right now...he lightened them and reduced redeye for reprinting recently (a photographer at church does pictures of the families periodically for the church bulletin board), and so now we've got all these pictures on our hard drive for his amusement.

I'm having a hard time keeping up with LiveJournal right now and I don't know if/when that will change, but I do skim entries. I'm not going to remove anybody because I do like to know what's happening in people's lives. =)

I should go now that it's getting so late. I talked to my brothers about shopping at about 4:30 AM, so getting to bed soon might be helpful.


Dec. 19th, 2003 01:47 am
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Actually, being tired feels good. What doesn't feel good is knowing that I need to be ready to go to work by about 7:30...when it's now close to 2:00. And I actually got home from my later work time by about eleven. I came home and worked on making fudge, which did not turn out...it WILL next time, though. I have decided.

Work is fun...enjoyable. But I really am tired, and I really do need to go to bed. I'm very glad that classes are over for the semester...I don't think I could have managed to help with the extra stuff for Christmas at work if school hadn't gotten out. My last "final" was Wednesday afternoon, and it was just turning in a take-home test for Education Technology; the teacher told me I had an A without the test. I don't guess there would be much point in her grading the test, then...I mean, a 4.0 is a 4.0 all the way from 90% to 100% (at this particular school). I'll find out my other grades on 12/23...that will be nice to see. I'm too tired to write coherently, so I guess I had better go.
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I figured out before I took my College Algebra final that I needed 57% to get an A in the class. =) And the test was much easier than I had expected...so I guess it's just as well that I didn't study as much as I had hoped. That was my only comprehensive final. I can't believe the semester will be over so soon! But it's a really good thing because I NEED to be at work! I'm going to be off of school between twelve noon and about 4:30 on Monday, and I'm toying with the idea of showing up at work for a few hours during that time, because I think those hours could actually be quite valuable. If I'm going to do that, though, I need to study for my history test in advance and I need to complete my ETEC take-home test before then, too. I probably should...I mean, we're getting into a real time crunch at work. I don't like to have to drive more than necessary, but...

Anyway. I need to get food warmed up for dinner. My parents are going to a Christmas party tonight...for my dad's work. I skipped the Christmas party for my work...because nobody told me about it far enough in advance. LOL! Or maybe because I didn't want to go. It doesn't matter now. I need sleep. Can you tell?
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I'm back on-line at home! But just a little, I guess. I've been sewing tonight...because I was tired of studying. Work today was a little more intense than usual since we just had our first "pressure order" (how I think of it). We did it, though, and I'm very grateful to the Lord! Still, we'll have to increase our production quite a bit if we're going to do all that we need to do. And I still have to go to school...and study. It's good that I'm in school, though, because I'd just let studying go if I weren't.

Well, I'm tired...so I should go to bed, now that I've been up for almost eighteen hours. I got a one dollar Mexican meal to eat for breakfast...I'll see how it tastes.=) I'm experimenting with preprepared foods...so far, I think they're better than fasting.
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but I've been buried in things to do. I'm afraid to get my biology test score...but that won't be for a week, so I guess that's all right. And I'll still have another test to make up the average.

I still don't have a car. And I'm still seeing the chiropractor...which has been quite inconvenient. This week, I get to stay at school all day both on Monday and on Wednesday, which will be very nice...especially since our computers at home are not working. I can't get on-line at home at all.

I feel really bad about not really replying to comments, but I just have not had the time or the energy to do much at all. Unfortunately, everything that is happening is overwhelming to me and so much more just because I don't get to do the writing that I usually do--which allows me to analyze, reflect, and move on. Maybe today...but then again, maybe not until after the semester is over.

I hope you all are well! If I don't get on here right after the semester ends, I should be on after Christmas (work will probably keep me occupied very much before Christmas). As overwhelmed as I sometimes feel, I'm happy not to be too bored!=)

Now, I'm headed off to English for an "individual review."=)
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I got examined, then had some x-rays done...I'll go back tomorrow, which will be quite interesting. My Honda is gone, and now our van is leaking gas like crazy. My dad and brother both work tomorrow (only their cars are in working order), I am due to go to school (morning), a chiropractor appt (noon), and work tomorrow (afternoon), and my mom needs to take my littlest brother to the chiropractor in the morning. Our whole family (or most of us, at any rate) is going to a hot dog roast tomorrow evening...so getting everything from where they have been to where they need to be is going to be very interesting tomorrow. I need to call the lady I work for in a few minutes to see if she can either let me off tomorrow afternoon or if it would be convenient for me to just take me to her parents' house, since that's where we're going for the bonfire.=) I guess I'll find out soon. It is very inconvenient not to have a car! And now my back and neck ache more, since the chiropractor must have hit some sore spots in his exam. That is one exam that I did rather poorly on...now to make sure this insurance thing will work, because I cannot imagine paying for all those x-rays.
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Since my boss is gone for a few days, I am off work until Tuesday. Of course, what that really means is that I'm just not working today all day or tomorrow afternoon. It also means that I have a LOT more time for homework (for which I am very grateful). I am going to take my algebra with me as my family goes to Devil's Den to hike and picnic today. I still need to shower and prepare for that outing.

I am dense when it comes to poetry. I am seriously considering doing an analysis of Shakespeare's "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun..." (which may or may not be a wonderful topic), but the last two lines have confused me so much that I'm thinking of just waiting on the paper until my grandparents come tomorrow evening. Both of them are quite well-educated, and I think they would be able to help me pick a good poem to do. All I need is their educated opinion on interpretation of some very confusing parts. As far as I'm concerned, word meaning and syntax could lend themselves to several meanings. Ah, well...such is life.

I am going to have a substitute teacher in my history class. Did I already mention this? I forget where I've written/said things. Anyway, he's further than my history teacher towards getting his Ph.D., and he's the same guy who was there on the first day of class, whom some of you may recall. He looks at least fifteen years younger than my regular history teacher. The situation will be good, since he'll be testing on the material he presents, and my regular teacher will only test on what HE presents, so I think we'll all be in good shape.

One of my very wise, studious biology classmates has spoken of possibly suggesting that the college have someone audit the teacher in one of his classes sometime. That was something I really hadn't considered, but that would probably be a really good idea. I told my mom that I feel guilty about that test because he told us exactly what to study, and then he made many of the questions very easy. I also didn't feel like I studied adequately...for the class, I mean. For the test...well, that didn't require much study. What I thought was insufficient proved to be more than sufficient. Oh, I don't know.

But I do need to get up here and gather the paper goods for our picnic...and I do need to take a shower. I'm puffy today, probably from sleeping so long in my dusty bedroom and wearing dusty clothes while I slept.=\
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Haha, not really. I never got on-line yesterday, though. I stayed up until 2:30 am Friday morning, studying for my algebra class. I got up at 6 am to shower and prepare to leave...at 7 am. Thankfully, the concepts introduced were not all that difficult. I went from my class to work, then went home at about 5 pm. Usually when I get home, I spend time hugging the little ones and talking to my mom, which I did yesterday, too. My brother was working on networking our two computers (he has not succeeded so far, however...at least I don't think he has), so I was not able to get on-line then. After dinner, I had some of the boys straighten up the living room so I could vacuum it.

Then a squirrel jumped into a transformer, which went out (I don't really know the word to describe it) as it killed the squirrel. My dad wanted me to take a picture, but...I didn't. So we had a little family time--no computers or light to get in the way of that. My dad pulled out his guitar, and I ended up playing it for a while, too. But I finally got desperate enough to study by candlelight. I had not gotten very far, though, when the electricity came back on. That's when I started getting more serious about studying...and VERY sleepy. I went to bed at about 9 pm and waited to get up until TWELVE hours later. I'm hoping that will help me through tomorrow's very busy day. It is already helping my studying science today.

I think I was going to say something else, but I really do need to study.=)
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The guy who my co-worker and I think is the boss of the warehouse...and in charge of several stores in the chain...decided we needed some help "cranking out" the baskets. This was only my second day doing it, and he wanted me to show him how! LOL! He ended up helping us almost the entire day, and he's going to probably help tomorrow (I won't be there) instead of going to a store about an hour from here...a store he really needs to visit. He is SO excited about the potential profitability of the basket making that it is really quite contagious. LOL!

On a rather concerning note, the person I thought would be my boss didn't show up today...which I'm beginning to think might resemble normalcy for her. I guess most of her job description requires her to be gone quite a bit (marketing to corporations). However, I think it would be very good to have a little more direct training. What has happened is that the lady and I who were hired each spend a very few minutes with her at separate times, and then tell each other what's happening. It's almost funny! It's a good thing that I have a sense of humor, anyway.

Fortunately for me, other people have taken charge of the production side of the basket making (the man I mentioned above, in particular). The only problem is that I'm not sure how quality control will suffer if we don't have the person in charge of basket making actually there to monitor it...even just for the first several days.

Anyway, the man's enthusiasm about the baskets has made me laugh every time I have been over there. First of all, I would not have expected a guy to be excited about baskets. That just wouldn't have occurred to me. But even if he was, I would have assumed that his excitement would be more indirect, less involved. But that's not the case, either. Not only is he aware of the price of almost every item in our inventory (not a short list!), he is also interested in being personally involved in the production--from rolling paper to put in the baskets to sticking leaves on with glue dots. I don't know...it's just funny.=D
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Thursday Morning (before seven):

I'm sampling some "Chai," and all it tastes like to me is cinnamon, which I don't particularly like. It is pretty good, even if it is cinnamon, but I wish I liked it...so that I would be able to tell my boss that when she asks, which I'm pretty sure she will.;-) I should have let her know in advance that I have somehow formed personal biases against cinnamon and lemon (though not in all things)...

Thursday Evening (after ten):
I'm tired. I have math homework to review so that I will be ready for the quiz tomorrow. I won't go crazy if last week's quiz is not 100%, but I will go crazy if I find myself lost on tomorrow's quiz. I need SLEEP! But study first. Saturday may be my most valuable study day of the week. I'm planning to be gone all day every week day for an indefinite period of time.=) I like the arrangement--work diverts me from school and school diverts me from work...that way, I don't get bored.:-)
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...amongst other things.

I think I've slept in all those positions. And I think I'm pretty regular with all of them...perhaps excepting the fetal position. I want to sleep like that, but it's really uncomfortable to do that on the floor...my hip feels like it's connecting with concrete! LOL!

Well, I went to bed so late Sunday night (or early Monday morning, rather) and had to get up relatively early (less than five hours later), so I was very tired yesterday...and I didn't really do any homework. When I got home, all I could think of was SLEEP! I went to bed before 10:30, and I didn't get up until close to 7:00. Cool, huh? Then I showered, ate breakfast, and left for my first day of work at my new job!

I don't remember if I had mentioned that I would be starting today, but I did. My "orientation" (if that's what it was) included filling out tax forms and signing OSHA stuff as well as a paper that said I would not sell cigarettes to minors (?!). And I read a paper about HIV/HBV acquisition and prevention, which ended with a T/F quiz (no grade, the guy told me). After that, I watched a lifting safety video, which spent more than half of the time showing improper lifting techniques. That was funny. I am typing this with a perfectly straight face, though...I guess I'm tired. Oh, this place is AT a warehouse, but mostly within the administrative offices section...just to give a little context for what kind of a place it is. Maybe someday I'll get pictures...I don't know.

I learned how to do bows...and I'm sure I made dozens of them...along with my co-worker, also new to the job (she just started yesterday), a very on-fire Christian lady who used to be with YWAM. Her story is a long one with a rather unhappy present...despite that, her love for the Lord is so apparent, and she has a great sense of humor. I will enjoy working with her. I already do! And she's a hugger...LOL!

The lady that's running the basket-making show (doesn't that sound like a rather informal way to put it?) showed me how she does the first steps of putting a basket together. I'm looking forward to being able to be of greater assistance. It was fun, though.

Anyway, now it's 9:00...my dad and three of the boys are at BSF, and my mom is putting the younger ones to bed. My oldest brother has gone out...he just announced tonight that he has been looking for another church, which explains why he hasn't been at our church even though it didn't seem as if he had been skipping (that sounds weird, I suppose). Oh, the guys are back from BSF...

I have homework to do...that I didn't do last night because I was too tired. I put it off while the younger kids were out here, because I just can't concentrate very well with a lot of chaos. But now I don't have an excuse...LOL!


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