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Oh, I'm not going to answer that question! I'm asking it because I really don't understand. As I look at college catalogs and examine the options, I realize Read more... )
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I previously posted this only to a select group of friends, but I have decided to publicize a portion of my post so that anyone who is following my journal anonymously can see what I'm planning to do.

I am seriously considering going to nursing school. And here is why )
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I don't feel like studying for it (I have already put in hours doing that--mainly yesterday, since I worked on my final paper today). I just want to start thinking ahead, and it's hard to that when I know I have a math final in the morning. I've still got enough adrenalin pumping to keep me fact, too much to settle down and do anything productive. So I'm littering my friends' friends pages with posts. Isn't that nice? LOL! LiveJournal...I should go to my "real journal" and write something profound.

Hmm...let's see...lots to pick from:

• Who to Vote for in the 2004 Presidential Election
• What to Think about Gay Marriage (oxymoron is my opinion on the phrase)
• What Kind of Standards to Require in Movies and Music for Watching and Hearing
• Whether/How to Pursue Marriage (should I ever desire to do so...or need to counsel someone on the subject)
• How Far to Go with My Education
• When to Volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center
• Whether to Plan to Go to Haiti Next Year (oh, yes...I need to write an entry on's not some huge thing, but a family from our church just went and I think a short-term missions trip there could have a huge impact)
• My Responsibility in Seeking Employment
• Whether to Stick with English for My Only Major (or to pick another...and/or to add several minors)

Lots of stuff to consider...=)
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I'm not quite sure how to do the hanging indentation for the references section, so I formatted it differently than the handbook says to do it.=) Don't know how many people will actually be interested in this, but I think I'll make the post public...under a cut...Read more... )
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But just barely in this case! I was right on the edge of a B at 90 (my very lenient school gives A's for 90-100%) my much-obsessed-over-Western Civ. class. According to my instructor, "Study groups, not the last minute kind, work." =) I think I can do better on the test next time and I KNOW that my study partners can, so I'm looking forward to "conquering" the next exam. I really do need to write and memorize four (or at least three) essays in preparation for the exam...and I need to study the text more closely. That is the closest I have ever come to a B and it is too close for comfort at this point.

In other news...there is no other news. I've been spending too much time on studying.;-) Actually, the truth is that my "social life" (which people probably don't consider a social life) has picked up along with schoolwork to such an extent that I've had barely any time on-line and practically no time for journal entries. I have so much I would love to say, so many interesting experiences with people, but because I share it with others I am no longer overwhelmed with the desire to "tell someone" about it.

So forget all that and get to the heart of things here. I am going through serious baby withdrawal, but I have neither the time nor the energy to wish seriously for another baby in this house. My desire to get married has increased somewhat, too, as I hear a constant "attack" on God's design for marriage...not just in people who are promoting a redefinition of marriage, but also in people who promote individualism. I have a sense of not belonging.=\ And a desire to go to Bible school...but without leaving home and without doing distance learning (which is why, of course, I say GO). But I want to have a high-quality education. So many desires that seem to be rather conflicting, but all in God's time. It's not that I think Bible college can't provide a quality education, but that I really want to make sure that I get a WELL-rounded education. I want people to make me think BEYOND what is required/desired at secular universities.

So, anyway...I need to get on with other things.


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