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I'm not really suffering because my breathing is just fine...but my eyes and throat are killing me! LOL! If I can just get this itching to stop, maybe I'll be able to get to bed early tonight (now that it's already past midnight).
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Today was my first day of work-study, and I got to search the internet for safety signs and symbols that are country-specific (as opposed to universal). I didn't get very far on that; do you all have any recommendations? Otherwise, my time there was great. My boss is a really nice guy. He has told me that he has a bunch of quirks and can be hard to work with, but I'm having a hard time seeing that. We shall see. He also claims to be disorganized, but his office is one of the neatest places I've ever seen. His filing system isn't quite as organized as those of, say, a perfectionist whose obsession is looking neat...but it's obvious that he has a place for everything, and that things stay in their places...and that he keeps track of them. So to me he seems organized.

My dust allergies have flared up today. I look almost as bad as I feel, I think. My eyes are so puffy! I felt a lot healthier in Hawaii because of the trade winds and the constant fresh air. Yeah, air conditioning is nicer for preventing sweat, but it's definitely not better for my overall fatigue level. Speaking of which...getting back to central time has been very hard. A three day weekend during which I slept in every day was not any help, nor were the two days preceding it during which I went to bed late and rose early (thus getting very little sleep). Now that I'm on a regular schedule, though, I'm hoping that the time change (psychologically) will occur naturally.

I need to clean my room. School and sewing things were dumped out and mostly thrown into the closet, so I need to organize, but I really don't feel like it. I'd rather just go to sleep. However, my mom is taking the boys somewhere to help unload a truck for a friend's mother/grandmother who is going to have to live here I need to be awake for the younger kids.=)

That's my boring entry for the day. Sometime I'll explain how I got this work-study job.=) It's not really that difficult, actually. Remember my Western Civ. teacher from the spring semester? My brother's girlfriend, who works at the school, heard him saying he needed someone to work for him, so she suggested me, but after some time, he realized that I was looking for more hours than he could give (although I would have been happy with the ten he had) and he needed someone ASAP. But he decided to make it his personal mission to make sure that I got a work-study position, and that's exactly what he did. So now I've got a 15-hour-per-week job at the school, and I'm working 1-4 each weekday. I don't think I'll have to change my schedule this semester. Anyway, that's the story...I waited to tell everyone because I had more that I wanted to say about it, but I guess that's enough.


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