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free counter statisticsActually, it's 2006...but I just wanted to welcome you and to say that you can friend me if you like; I'll return the favor. If I get to know you, I might even include you in more private entries. So maybe that's not the world's biggest privilege, but I do like to be somewhat understood, so I pick my audience. What this means: I make almost all of my entries friends-only, so, if you're reading anonymously, you're missing the majority of what I'm writing. If you're on my friends list and you don't know me, you're probably missing out a bit as well. If you want to know me, just start commenting more or saying something specific about you in your journal (like mentioning spouses, children, jobs, etc.) If I have more information, I'm more likely to trust you enough to include you on custom filters. If I already know you offline, get an LJ and let me know who you are. It's really easy to sign up. Go to LiveJournal.com and click on Create Account (okay, so click there--I just linked to it). Follow the directions and then contact me and let me know your LJ user name. You can comment on my LJ and add me as a friend. If you do the latter, I'll add you back. If you do the former, I'll put you on my custom filters.

Or, if you prefer, you can just go back to 2002 on my archive. I posted more public journal entries a couple years ago.


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