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Breaking & Entering [Posted by Josh on his HSA blog]

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Last night after work, Pamela and I met the realtor at our soon to be new house to do some last minute inspections, but when we got there, we discovered that the A/C unit was frozen up. Confused That in and of itself isn't particularly odd, seeing as how the house has been sitting vacant for around three months now, but it was a little shocking just the same.

Anyway, we continued our inspection, and went out to the back patio to look at the sliding screen door. Out on the back patio was some trash that wasn't there before, which struck me as odd. I took a closer look at the packaging and saw that it was an empty box for condoms. Rolling Eyes

Great! Confused Someone was doing something in my soon to be back yard. Rolling Eyes Nice!

So we continued our inspection, which took us to the bathrooms. But in the bathrooms, I found something even more disturbing... Confused

Yeah... remember that box I found on the patio? Well, we found the used contents in the toilet! Mad

Anyway, we finished looking around, and apparently whoever was in there didn't do any damage to anything, and there really isn't any proof that they were the ones responsible for the A/C freezing up, though one can only guess what kinds of things they were doing in that house. Rolling Eyes

At first, we kind of suspected anyone who had a key to the house, because, like I said, there were no broken windows or anything, but that didn't make sense because the owners are in Africa and there's one guy who's mowing the lawn, and we don't know for sure he even has a key. It wasn't until we were about to leave when I saw one of the front screens sitting oddly in the windowsill. I went over and messed with it, and it popped right out. On the other side was an unlocked window that lifted with ease. Confused

So there we had it. The point of entry. Evil or Very Mad

Well, at least it's locked now, right? Confused

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