songofjoy02: (LC)
songofjoy02 ([personal profile] songofjoy02) wrote2007-08-02 04:13 pm

My life isn't busy enough, apparently... [cross posted from Xanga]

I have to be at the Washington County courthouse Monday morning to possibly be selected for a jury for a trial Monday-Wednesday. Please pray that I'll find people to cover for me at work. My supervisor resigned last week, so we're down to bare bones here...and I have no idea who I can call. Best case scenario is that I don't get picked, but that still means I have to find someone for Monday morning.

I am on call for jury duty through the end of September. Please pray that I won't get called again.

I'm looking forward to a vacation the last week in September - no work, no wedding planning, and - hopefully - no jury duty.

I'm really discouraged right now. Wedding stuff is progressing just fine, but work, jury duty, and missing Josh are overwhelming to me right now.

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