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songofjoy02 ([personal profile] songofjoy02) wrote2007-07-26 06:37 pm

I haven't fallen off the planet...yet...:-P

I posted this on Xanga the other day, so I figured I'd paste it here for those interested. :-)

Levi won his second fight - er, at least, the second one on his record. You can watch him here. I'm pretty sure they weren't evenly matched, but then again...Levi just took the guy to the ground, where Levi would have the advantage - and that is reasonable, right? It was fun to watch. Josh took the video and nearly lost his voice in the process of cheering.

Josh found an apartment here in Springdale during his most recent visit. I've posted pictures here. The plan is to live there until the lease expires, at which point we hope we'll have found a house to live in - if necessary, though, we'll see about renewing the lease for another six months.

We now have wedding invitations. I guess I should get to work on finalizing that guest list and finding addresses. Those elusive things...why do people have to move around so much anyway? Why can't they be like me and just live in the same place for a decade or so at a time? Ah, well...such is life. The least they could do is let us know when they change addresses. I'm not looking forward to the hassle of trying to avoid getting a ton of invitations returned, but I suppose it can't be helped.

Josh and I attended the Homeschool Alumni National Reunion this last weekend in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Josh was the "host" (M.C.) of the event, which was fun to watch. He and Emilie C. also did a live edition of HSAIR. Right click and "save as" to download because you definitely need to listen to it - they did an awesome job!!! My reunion pictures are posted here and here.