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Josh and I are mostly done registering for gifts, I think...and I'm very happy about that. I tend to obsess over projects and this one took up a lot of my time for a couple weeks. (Yeah, I know it doesn't sound like long...but it is with my level of obsession.) I ended up registering at four places instead of just one - primarily because I couldn't find everything I needed at any one of those places. I thought I had a fairly complete list of what we needed...but the registries have much more on them than I had on my list. Well, maybe there isn't much more...but it is more. I had forgotten stuff like a garlic press and some cleaning supplies....though, now that I think back on it, my list really was pretty thorough.

We celebrated my 18 y.o. brother's graduation tonight with a few friends and my grandparents. The boy is quite smart...and extremely goal-oriented. He just found out a few days ago that he did become a National Merit Scholar. And that is nice for the prestige, but as far as paying for schooling? He got a very large fellowship (that includes a stipend and also a trip to D.C. next month) as well as one of the governor's scholarships, I think - anyway, plenty for him to pay for some. And, yes, he was home schooled...though he took a few classes at the local high school during his last couple years of school. He's not the most sociable guy in the world, but he's working on becoming more balanced. Right now, he spends a lot of time on fighting - mixed martial arts. His first big fight is coming up in a couple weeks...and my oldest brother (who is 22) sent him a pair of sissy-looking shorts so that his opponent would be ashamed to lose and not very proud of winning. :-P Don't you like how my brothers think?

My family recently added a third cat to the mix of pets at our house. All things considered, it seems to have been a good addition...though at first I wasn't sure how to take the constant screaming whenever the kitten was caged up and not getting as much attention as it wanted. She's doing a lot better now, it's all good. The younger children provide her with plenty of attention and affection.

The days till my wedding are winding down. I'm almost starting to panic when I think of how little time is left...because I just wonder whether I'll finish everything in time to have the stress-free wedding week I've always hoped to have. My married brother reminded me that I'd get married either way so I shouldn't stress - and, of course, he is quite right about that. Josh and I will get married regardless of whether I've attended to all the little details I hope to handle. We are getting stuff done, though, so it's not like I'm doing horribly as far as completing things on time. I just sometimes get nervous because we really don't have everything worked out.

I had a blast during my trip to MI and IN. I got to meet two LJers that I hadn't previously met in person - and it was a blast. Both Jen and Katie (whom I saw separately - one in MI and the other in IN) were exactly as I would have imagined - no gap between online and least that I could tell.

Okay, I suppose I should have more to say...but I'm tired good night!