Dec. 24th, 2003 09:31 am
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1. I submitted my synthesis paper (Microsoft Word format) for that essay contest. I don't know when it will be judged, though...for the semester or for the year, I'm guessing. Some of you may be interested in it because it's about home birth.=)

2. I finally got my final grades yesterday...but they don't tell me what I scored on finals because they are all A's, which can be an overall range of 90-100%. Not very motivating to realize, but at least it will look decent on a transcript...especially since I don't guess it can get any better. Somehow, I find that annoying...but it's life.

3. I need to get moving so that I can get some Christmas deliveries made. The fudge I was working on last night turned out wonderfully...our fourth--and best--batch. Of course, my mom likes our third one better, but that's because she likes it firmer; I like fudge to be soft and creamy.

4. I LOVE our new laser printer...it's so nice to be able to print more than one page per minute (okay, slight exaggeration of our old printer's slowness). We ended up printing about 200 copies of our newsletter, I think.

5. All right...I don't really have much more to say. My mom and I were discussing something last night that I think I may share in a Closer Friends entry, not because it's personal or anything (it isn't) but because it could be rather controversial. It would be interesting to me to get responses from some of you on the subject (which actually encompasses several interesting subtopics).

6. Oh, one last thing...Melissa ([livejournal.com profile] by_grace_alone), I need your mailing address...do you think you could post me the link to your protected entry with that in it? I just have a Christmas card to send...that has been waiting until I got around to getting your address. Sorry! I realized when I was going through my address book that I wasn't sure if I had put your current address in it or not. I'm afraid I've forgotten other friends this year, too...have to make a list for next year, I guess.


Dec. 19th, 2003 01:47 am
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Actually, being tired feels good. What doesn't feel good is knowing that I need to be ready to go to work by about 7:30...when it's now close to 2:00. And I actually got home from my later work time by about eleven. I came home and worked on making fudge, which did not turn out...it WILL next time, though. I have decided.

Work is fun...enjoyable. But I really am tired, and I really do need to go to bed. I'm very glad that classes are over for the semester...I don't think I could have managed to help with the extra stuff for Christmas at work if school hadn't gotten out. My last "final" was Wednesday afternoon, and it was just turning in a take-home test for Education Technology; the teacher told me I had an A without the test. I don't guess there would be much point in her grading the test, then...I mean, a 4.0 is a 4.0 all the way from 90% to 100% (at this particular school). I'll find out my other grades on 12/23...that will be nice to see. I'm too tired to write coherently, so I guess I had better go.
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I figured out before I took my College Algebra final that I needed 57% to get an A in the class. =) And the test was much easier than I had expected...so I guess it's just as well that I didn't study as much as I had hoped. That was my only comprehensive final. I can't believe the semester will be over so soon! But it's a really good thing because I NEED to be at work! I'm going to be off of school between twelve noon and about 4:30 on Monday, and I'm toying with the idea of showing up at work for a few hours during that time, because I think those hours could actually be quite valuable. If I'm going to do that, though, I need to study for my history test in advance and I need to complete my ETEC take-home test before then, too. I probably should...I mean, we're getting into a real time crunch at work. I don't like to have to drive more than necessary, but...

Anyway. I need to get food warmed up for dinner. My parents are going to a Christmas party tonight...for my dad's work. I skipped the Christmas party for my work...because nobody told me about it far enough in advance. LOL! Or maybe because I didn't want to go. It doesn't matter now. I need sleep. Can you tell?
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but I've been buried in things to do. I'm afraid to get my biology test score...but that won't be for a week, so I guess that's all right. And I'll still have another test to make up the average.

I still don't have a car. And I'm still seeing the chiropractor...which has been quite inconvenient. This week, I get to stay at school all day both on Monday and on Wednesday, which will be very nice...especially since our computers at home are not working. I can't get on-line at home at all.

I feel really bad about not really replying to comments, but I just have not had the time or the energy to do much at all. Unfortunately, everything that is happening is overwhelming to me and so much more just because I don't get to do the writing that I usually do--which allows me to analyze, reflect, and move on. Maybe today...but then again, maybe not until after the semester is over.

I hope you all are well! If I don't get on here right after the semester ends, I should be on after Christmas (work will probably keep me occupied very much before Christmas). As overwhelmed as I sometimes feel, I'm happy not to be too bored!=)

Now, I'm headed off to English for an "individual review."=)


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